Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Today's March for LIFE in Olympia, WA.

Pro-LIFE supporters March on Olympia.
Today was the day of the March for LIFE at noon in Olympia, Washington.  The weather and the turn out were nice.  Several came in on Chartered buses.  

Folks started gathering on the lawn out by the war memorial and marched in to the flagpoles and the steps of the Legislative Building.  The crowed overflowed over onto the steps of the WA. State Supreme Court Building and all parts in between.

        The march was peaceful and uninterrupted by the usual leftist thugs who like to hinder these events with their abusive OP-ED tactics. 

Several brought signage in support of the unborn children that are being killed with no CHOICE or voice in the matter - simply because some in society have bullied  America into submitting to THEIR position on the abortion issue with the help of atheistic lawyers in the so-called ACLU, mass media, Hollywood, Judges legislating from the bench in our courts, the government run school system, and most of all the silence and apathy of people who know abortion is dead wrong. 

                                                                                                                                                          There was a long list of speakers from our WA State Legislators that showed up in support of this movement and a lot of them gave encouraging 2 minute speeches at the podium.  I recently took an all day seminar called "Olympia 301 Citizen Lobbying" - Bootcamp.  What a blessing to learn about several of our law makers who are sympathetic to our Pro-LIFE cause.

It was disheartening when I realized that NONE of my three WA State Reps from the 29th Legislative District cared enough to show up.  They are all dyed in the wool Democrats.  In fact there was only ONE Democrat that stood with us today and I really appreciate Senator Jim Hargrove (D) from the 24th LD in Hoquium, WA.  THANK YOU SIR! When Jim went to the podium, he asked how many watched the NFC Championship Game Sunday which evoked a humongous roar from the crowd.  Jim made an analogy with the prayer circle that Russel Wilson had on the field immediately after the game.  Those that caught it might remember seeing one lone Green Bay Packer there in the group praying with all those Seahawks.  Jim said that as the only Democrat at the rally today, he felt kind of like that one Packer in the Seahawk prayer circle.  That's OK Senator, we love you for the stand you took today.  God bless you! 

   After the speeches, people were encouraged to deliver a rose to the office of their legislators and tell them you were there in support of the innocent little lives that are being cruelly brutalized and terminated by the abortion on demand agenda and ask them to support pro-life legislation. 
  Those who could not stay for the visit to their legislator were asked to call the Legislative HOTLINE 1-800-562-6000 (TTY for Hearing Impaired 1-800-635-9993).  A new Senate bill was put in the hopper today that would give parents the right to know before their child has an abortion.    

That would be a good "start".  Several of the speakers today were hopeful that one day soon we will also have a law that declares a child as a "PERSON" at conception.  What a thrill it was to hear that.  We need that not only locally in our State, but it ought to be a Federal Law in my humble opinion.  One thing is for sure, the worker bees in the pro-life movement are not going to give up.  Go HAWKS and go Pro-LIFE! 

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