Wednesday, February 04, 2015

912 VP Report

We had a productive Tacoma 912 Project board of directors meeting last night.
The monthly meeting scheduled for February 13th at the Pierce County Public Library 
Administration Building will focus on training for the TRUE the VOTE effort here in WA.

The Tacoma 912 Group is concentrating on Pierce County and cooperating with others in the State also.  We presently have teams working behind the scenes dividing the local Legislative Districts and Precincts into workable groups and will be looking for other concerned patriots who would be willing to help us purge the voter registration roll in Washington State of dead people and to prevent voter fraud by some who would cast multiple votes, get ballots for non-citizens, incarcerated felons, and all sorts of other ways that compromise a fair and valid Election.  The task is at this point a bit overwhelming to us and we are hoping that YOU will help us get more volunteers to make it doable using the "many hands make light work" theory. 

Things are starting to also fall into place regarding future monthly meetings at the above location.  We will continue to bring updates 
as to the progress of the TRUE the VOTE project each month until the 2016 election.  In March, we are working with Kerry Hook, President of the Washington State chapter of Act for America.  Kerry is very well versed on the contemporary issues involving the threat of Islamic Terrorism and the danger of allowing Sharia Law to continually encroach upon the Rule of Law in our constitutionally free republic.   

 In April, we are working on getting KrisAnne Hall as our speaker.  She is an attorney and former Prosecutor who travels the country teaching on the history that gave us our founding documents.    Click here for more information.

In May, we hope to have a representative from the
Family Policy Institute in WA.  FPI is an outstanding organization in our State.  They have an event planned in May called "An Evening with Allen West."  It is their 2015 Annual Dinner.  Click here for more information.

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