Thursday, February 19, 2015

BO defies Judge ruling

UPDATE: Despite a federal judge's temporary injunction against "implementing any and all aspects or phases" of Pres. Obama's amnesty, the President has announced he is continuing to prepare for it: "We're not going to be actually taking applications in until this case is settled. But we are doing the preparatory work..."
The White House's response to Judge Hanen's ruling demonstrates the urgency of passing a bill to defund Pres. Obama's amnesty.

Senate Battle Rages On!
Tax GIVE-AWAYS  awaiting illegals!
Costly battle to save America is QUADRUPLING our expenses!
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Jim here. Six weeks into the new Congress and we are still locked in a huge battle with the Senate to get the 60 votes we need to pass the bill (H.R. 240) to defund Pres. Obamas Executive Amnesty which could reward each illegal alien with tens of thousands of dollars through IRS give-aways!
I hope you've read the good news on our home page that a federal judge has issued a temporary injunction to block the start of issuing documents opening jobs and benefits to illegal aliens. Many of you have been calling our office today asking if that means we can let up on our campaign in the Senate.
The answer is NO, WE CANNOT RELAX OUR PRESSURE ON THE SENATE TO PASS THE DHS FUNDING BILL. This amnesty-defund bill is the most critical piece of legislation before Congress that our movement has supported in a long time. At any moment, an appeals court can overturn the first judge's opinion. But a court cannot overturn specific and recent legislation passed by Congress that leaves no doubt what it wants.
The fact that the House swiftly passed HR 240 as one of its first orders of business and that we have now forced three votes on the Senate floor is a testament to the effectiveness of our constant, unrelenting phone calls every single day into Senate offices. Senate leaders have vowed even more votes when they return from their recess.
So far in this executive amnesty battle, NumbersUSA activists have generated hundreds of thousands of calls into congressional offices by using our donor-supported phone banks. You make the call, we pay the bill.
We have not let up the pressure and we will not let up the pressure, but our expenses are multiplying by the week!
We need this bill to pass the Senate. To do that, we NEED 60 votes. To get 60 votes, we need to get six Democratic Senators and Republican Dean Heller to vote for this bill. To make that happen, we need enormous voter pressure on the Democratic Senators. Our target list of Senators has 14 Democrats, and our goal is to get them to break with the White House on this vote. If we succeed, they will be more likely to do it again when important issues like E-Verify, birthright citizenship, and chain migration  come up.
Our word from Republican leaders is that they are determined to hold their line on this. We understand that Pres. Obama might veto the defund bill, but if he does, he will be shutting down DHS. If we can succeed in getting the bill to his desk, he'll have to choose what he wants -- amnesty or a fully-funded DHS.
This appeal to you is unlike any other. In order to win this critically important vote this month to roll back Pres. Obama’s Executive Amnesties of the past three years, we MUST use methods that our tax-deductible NumbersUSA Education and Research Foundation cannot fund.
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Legally, we MUST use the money from our non-tax-exempt NumbersUSA Action fund, which funds the kinds of political activities that win congressional showdowns like this, such as grassroots activism, lobbying, and forcing votes that we will include in our congressional grade cards. Americans should not doubt the seriousness of this situation. Pres. Obama is casting aside the law and the consequences are dire for the American people. We learned last week that the following, mischievously crafted loopholes are provided for in his Executive Amnesty, and they WILL become a reality unless you donate today to help us stop Executive Amnesty from being implemented:
The American people will pay for THREE years of the legalized aliens back-tax credits. Yes, you read that right. Last week, IRS Commissioner John Koskinen testified before Congress and stated that Pres. Obamas Executive Amnesty allows for the newly legalized illegal aliens to qualify for the generous Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC). They will also be allowed to claimretroactive creditsfor up to three years once they are issued a social security number -- even if theydidn't file or pay taxes at the time! This is criminal.
Illegal aliens will more easily be able to vote in elections. Work permits arent the only thing that illegal aliens will receive under the Executive Amnesty. Rather, theyll be granted drivers licenses by states and Social Security numbers, too. Various state election officials testified before Congress last week that they lack the tools to be able to detect such a massive number of potentially fraudulent voter registrations generated by state DMVs.
American workers will be even harder hit in the labor force. The Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) just released a study with a shocking finding over the past decade, for every new job created, the U.S. has imported 2 new immigrants. Since 2000, 18 million new immigrants have arrived in the U.S., but only 9.3 million new jobs have been created.
If you've never given before, THIS IS THE TIME. Not later in the year, but NOW. Please dont wait. Its not too late to save our nation from these disastrous, but preventable consequences.
Remember, the deadline for funding of DHS is February 27th next week! We are getting down to wire and we MUST keep up the phone calling pressure. Unless we are able to raise extra funds for NumbersUSA Action, we could have to scale back our phone banks, jeopardizing the defund bill.  We simply do not have the reserves to go on at this current level of spending each week.
If we let this matter go and all those millions of work permits to illegal aliens are processed, its going to be horrendously difficult to undo later. We need to strike right now, before the work permits can be processed by DHS.
I dont mean to paint too bleak of a picture. The truth is that weve had some fantastic wins. Last year, the White House was pushing to legalize and import 33 million more immigrants over the next decade, and we defeated them. Many Republican leaders who supported similar proposals have now united in their opposition to President Obamas Executive Amnesty.
But, we need this win badly. And we cant keep winning without your financial support.
As long as this battle continues, were going to need extra funds in our NumbersUSA Action reserves to keep fighting and keep the phone calls going. The good news is that if just one out of every ten NumbersUSA activists made just one contribution, we would be set for an entire year of such battles at this intensity level. But right now, one in one hundred would do!
Please be the one who gives today. We need your support for NumbersUSA Action now more than ever.
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Keep the faith, and don't ever give up!
Jim Robb
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Vice President, Operations

P. S. IMPORTANT: If you are ill, unemployed, or living on a small fixed income, please do not contribute. We only ask for help from those able to help.

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