Monday, February 02, 2015

Scouting Report

Has been fearless in standing for conservative values and principles in front of even hostile audiences, including criticizing the welfare state on the notoriously leftist television show “The View” and clashing with race-baiter Jesse Jackson on Ferguson…along those same lines, many conservatives first became aware of Carson politically when he deconstructed Obamacare at the National Prayer Breakfast, with President Obama in attendance (which earned him accolades from conservative media icon Rush Limbaugh)…obviously has intricate knowledge of the healthcare system and the perils of Obamacare…has let it be known he plans on using his presidential campaign as a platform to confront political correctness and the Left’s divisive race-baiting, which can only help conservatives…unlike a lot of wannabe conservatives, Carson has been willing to defend marriage, which is still a key issue to the conservative base.
Carson is absolutely the All-American success story we envisioned a president should represent. For that reason, I think he’s unassailable in a general election.
Having never held political office he has no record, so all we have to go on is what he says and at times his inexperience has already shone through on key conservative issues like the Second Amendment and the sanctity of life…Are the American people willing to take a chance on yet another inexperienced politician for the presidency?…Carson will have to make the case why his life experience has prepared him for the most powerful political office on the planet…Has he seriously thought through the full gamut of issues required of a presidential candidate? For example, he recently admitted he wasn’t familiar with the most hotly-debated piece of legislation in 2013: the Senate’s “gang of 8” amnesty scam.
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( The BEAN Counters have figured out that if Dr. Carson were to get 17% of the black vote, it would be impossible for him to lose the election in 2016.)   

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