Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Something for gamers to think about

It's Not Just a Game

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Can a game carry a spiritual message? What do video games have to 
God? The Bible? The Devil? And even Jesus? Isn't it just a game?

It's NOT just a game! From cell phones to systems, video games are

part of our daily lives, but many of us do not realize the messages 
that may be packaged with one of our favorite pastimes. Lifelong 
gamers Carl Kerby Jr. and Drew Thorwall take a unique approach to 
more than 70 video games and systems by breaking down the 
messages within from a biblical perspective. They want teach parents 
and gamers how to think, not what to think. Get answers to the challenges 
to God's Word and to turn them into opportunities for knowing what to say 
in spiritual conversations with other gamers!

Dig deeper into some of the most popular video games to answer 
challenging questions like:
  • Does the Bible contradict itself?
  • Can the Bible be trusted?
  • Is every religion the same?
  • Does God make mistakes?
  • Are we really made from monkeys?
  • Does God hear our prayers?
  • And many more!
  • Also includes tips for parents for safe online play!
While there are a lot of ways to find information about potentially offensive 
content in video games, this book will show you the spiritual content and 
give you the tools to stand up and say it's NOT just a game!  

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