Wednesday, February 04, 2015

too far... ?

Islamic Humanitarianism 

Muslim defenders always point to the "peace of Islam" and how Islam is a peaceful religion. That can only be true if you agree to submit to its brutal system of “Sharia Law” and make no waves, living your life in fear of upsetting someone.  Because if you do, there is plenty in the Koran to make sure that what ever you do has severe and inhumane consequences.

The Islamic State, the new Islamic Caliphate, burned alive (in a cage) a Jordanian pilot.  This is what Reuters reports as a form of killing that is "considered despicable by Islam."     
All of a sudden we are told that the religion that enslaves women and children, is an extensive dealer of drugs and human trafficking, cuts off limbs, buries people up to their waists and stones them to death, beats people to a pulp with whips, and beheads men, women, and children who do not agree with Islam, is now against burning someone alive. 

Oh MY, what  humanitarians these people are!

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