Saturday, February 28, 2015

True the VOTE brief 2-28-15

True the Vote

Is Your DMV Allowing Noncitizens onto the Voter Rolls?

Just when the White House was beginning to promote its Executive Action to shield millions of noncitizens from deportation, TTV began a study to understand if states that allowed for these individuals to have driver’s licenses were accidently processing voter registrations as well. Today, True the Vote releases its preliminary report, demonstrating the contrasts in how Maryland and California dispense licenses without offering voter registration. While our early findings may shock you, we hope they inspire you to pitch in and do your part in the overall effort for election integrity. Click here to get the scoop.
Dope-the-Vote Ring in Texas Sentenced

Since its initial charging, True the Vote has been following a case of small-time political operatives in the south Texas town of Donna trying to get their preferred candidates elected to the local school board by any means necessary. News broke this week that two individuals, Francisco "Frankie" Garcia and Diana Castaneda, were sentenced in federal court for 18 and 8 months, respectively. Castaneda received a lighter punishment after explaining to the FBI their system of offering rides to the polls and then giving money or cocaine in return. In one case, Castaneda explained how one voter was given a ride to their drug dealer after casting a ballot. You can check out the local news coverage here.
Kentucky Election Results Tossed After Official Corruption Charge

It’s a common refrain of True the Vote’s: a little bit of fraud in the right places can invalidate elections. This week’s told-ya-so update comes courtesy of the Magoffin County, Kentucky, race for Judge-Executive. Incumbent Democratic candidate Charles “Doc” Hardin held a 28-vote margin of victory (6,534 total ballots cast) until a local judge questioned the validity of the election due to alleged vote buying and discovered, “[C]ounty workers acting under Hardin's direct supervision illegally spread gravel on four or five private driveways just before Election Day … [The Court] also found evidence of at least four votes being sold for cash or the promise of cash. The judge heard testimony about one case in which a man of limited IQ implied he sold his vote for a $50 bill that he used to buy beer.” The incumbent is expected to appeal. Read more here.
Voter Roll Research Starts Here

Research season has finally arrived. Are you one of the thousands of Americans who want to get involved? You can start by signing up here. Whether you are a new recruit or an experienced veteran, this application helps TTV connect you to the database tool according to your experience and areas of interest. Click here to take the first step!


SB 5184
– Authorizing counties to establish and conduct polling place voting. WA voters are encouraged to contact the
Senate Government Operations & State Security Committee to share their thoughts on the bill.
Help TTV with the Click of a Button

TTV receives calls and emails all the time from people wanting to know how they can help. Even though jobs as election observers or voter roll research aren’t for them, they still want to show their support. If this sounds like you, then look no further. True the Vote unveiled its first crowdfunded campaign to raise support for our ongoing efforts to expose the truth about the IRS targeting scandal. We hope you’ll check out our first-ever
True the Vote Fundly campaign and then spread the word to your own network of liberty-loving friends. If you are a veteran email forwarder or a social media maven, we need you! You can track our progress on the page and see the impact you’re making. Get started today!

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