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Citizen Link Update


March 3, 2015
CitizenLink Report: Changing Election Outcomes

by CitizenLink Team

Your support for CitizenLink helped change the outcome of the election.

Together with our association of family policy councils, we identified pro-family voters who may not have otherwise shown up for a midterm election. We've learned that when people know the difference between candidates on the social issues, they are far more likely to turn out to vote.

In the CitizenLink Report, John Paulton shares some of the metrics that show the impact of that strategy. It's a difference that you helped make.

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TAKE ACTION: Ask Arkansas Lawmakers to Protect Religious Freedom

by CitizenLink Team

Arkansas’ Conscience Protection Act was narrowly defeated in committee last week after several groups made incorrect statements about the purpose of the bill. The measure restores and protects the religious freedom of individuals and business owners.

Twenty other states have passed similar laws. The Arkansas bill can be resurrected for another vote. Supporters are asking people across the country to contact legislators in the state and urge them to defend religious freedom.
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“The remarkable alliance between Israel and the United States has always been above politics. It must always remain above politics.”
Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel prime minister
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