Saturday, March 21, 2015


Ben Carson:Exploratory Committee


This is incredible.

The purpose of the Carson America Exploratory Committee is to determine whether or not I have the necessary support to win if I run for President in 2016.

Well, since March 3rd, we have been receiving an average of nearly 1,000 donations per day.

I am extremely humbled by the faith that so many of my fellow citizens have placed in me.

Please help me keep the momentum going. Show your support by making a donation to the Carson America Exploratory Committee today.

With enough grassroots support from around the country, donations of just $25 or $50 add up and have a real impact.

I'm not a politician, and frankly, asking my supporters for money is still new to me.

But I wouldn't be asking if it were not necessary, and if I didn't think that together, we have the real opportunity to make America a better place for generations to come.

You can also help by emailing your friends and family and asking them to sign up to join us

Thank you, and may God continue to bless our great nation.
Ben Carson
Ben Carson

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