Monday, March 30, 2015

R U Redi 4 a WA State Income Tax?

Last Friday, state House Democrats
introduced their budget proposal for the next two years.

Team —

Last Friday, state House Democrats introduced their budget proposal for the next two years. Unfortunately, the Democrats chose to ignore the fact that our state will receive more than $3 billion in new revenue over the next budget cycle, and instead followed the example set by Jay Inslee and pushed a $39 billion budget package complete with historic spending increases and sizable tax hikes.

Will you consider helping our effort to inform the public of the House Democrats’ record-breaking tax-and-spend agenda?

The Democrats’ budget includes a spending increase of $5.2 billion over the current budget. That’s nearly equivalent to what Inslee proposed last December, when he suggested that state government grow by 15.4% in the next two years. In order to pay for this gigantic spending plan, House Democrats proposed a state capital gains income tax at a 5% rate on individuals—among other new taxes.

A state capital gains income tax is yet another attempt by Democrats to impose a state income tax. Washington voters have expressed their opposition to any type of state income tax time and time again. Yet, Democrats continue to ignore the voters and try to find new ways—and new justifications—to push a state income tax, which is the cornerstone of the party’s political platform.

Democrats and their far-left supporters are working hard to justify these tax hikes to the public, falsely claiming that new taxes are needed to meet the state Supreme Court’s McCleary decision to fully fund our public schools.

We need your help to set the record straight on Democrats’ true agenda.

The truth is that new taxes are not needed for legislators to meet their constitutional obligation and appropriately fund our schools to satisfy the McCleary decision. With the state projected to take in $3 billion more in revenue during the next two-year budget cycle (2015-2017), lawmakers have more than enough money to fully fund K-12 education—if they do something that Democrats have avoided for decades, and make education the first priority in the state budget.

What Democrats from Jay Inslee on down to the newest legislator don’t want the public to know is that they are pushing new taxes, because more money is needed to reward Democrats’ million-dollar campaign donors—the Washington Education Association, the Washington Federation of State Employees and the Service Employees International Union (SEIU)—with nearly a billion dollars in pay raises.

Will you help us shine the light on House Democrats’ $39 billion budget and their proposed payoffs to the their campaign donors? Shift WA is committed to raising awareness of Democrats’ true agenda, but we need your support.

Consider donating to our cause today. Your support makes a difference.

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