Tuesday, March 31, 2015

TLBC 1Q Report 2015

The Lord’s Baptist Church
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Tacoma, WA. 98444
Pastor Larry J. Killion Phone: 253-537-0129 Email: ljkillion@juno.com
January February & March 2015

Greetings again from TLBC.  It is time for the first quarterly Report for 2015. Pastor completed a study on “Judging Jonah” and is now preaching a series on “Judging James” in our afternoon services.  Morning sermons have been on Revival lately.  Audio sermons are available on Sermon.net/tacwash. Brother Jim Turner finished a study on “The Doctrine of Grace” in our Sunday school hour and is now teaching on “The End Times.”  

 The last week of January, we celebrated our 35th anniversary as a church and enjoyed the preaching and fellowship of Elder Dan Gordon, Pastor of Home Baptist Church in Mt. Morris, Michigan. There is a LINK on our church website to the MP3 audios of the sermons.  We highly recommend them.  

First Friday of the Month Fellowship meetings were good again as usual.  In January, we opened the AP Box. and counted the notes in it about answered prayers in 2014. There were a total of 145 AP’s found in the box and what a blessing it was to be reminded of how good our God is to hear and answer our prayers.  In February, Brother Anthony Parish, a young Street preacher in the South Park Missionary Baptist Church in Seattle, brought a great message on “We Wrestle not against flesh and Blood.”  In March, Elder Ted Tweet, Missionary to the Latino people in WA., preached on ”The Second Coming of the Lord.”  There is also a place on the front page of our website with LINKS to the audio clips of all these FFF services.  

Our Tract a Day Club recorded 150 tracts handed out this quarter by Pastor. The records do not show any others in this effort.  We have 3 visitors that are regulars in attendance.  Our College students are not here while school is in session.  We pray constantly for the Lord to save souls, add the saved to the church, heal the sick and keep us faithful in His service.  We pray also for our nation and for our military personnel. Pastor served on Jury duty for two weeks and a day at the end of March and preached a graveside service for Steve Bell, the last son of Sister Maxine.  We were also saddened to hear of the passing of Brother Joshua Halsell in Springfield, Oregon.   

We are supporting the mission work in Seattle to the Latino community in South Park where Ted Tweet is laboring and the work in Mabini, Mindanao where Elder Dan Baldemor is laboring, and the work in Romania where Elder Raul  Enyedi labors.  Although we are limited in what we can give financially, we pray earnestly and with out ceasing for brethren laboring on the mission fields of Oklahoma, Mexico, Brazil, Australia, India, Africa and Thailand.  Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem and for repentance in the United States of America.  AMEN. 

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Moody Roberts said...

Praise the Lord for the work you are doing, Bro. Larry. The answer to the mess we are in as a nation is in churches doing what you are doing. We have already been shown that we can't trust the Democrats or the Republicans. Only sovereign grace on God's part can give repentance to our people and heal our land. Obama has messed it up so badly, that apart from the grace of God man cannot fix it. That's my opinion.
Moody Roberts