Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Dr. Carson inspired by Americans

Ben Carson:Exploratory Committee


Last week, the first fundraising quarter came to a close, and we asked a lot of you and many others.

Well, I must say -- Candy and I are overwhelmed.

In just 28 days since the launch of my presidential exploratory committee, we raised over $2 million, comprised of more than 40,000 contributions from around the country.

That is tremendous – and we owe you a heartfelt thank you.

It means so much to us to know that there are so many people out there willing to support us, because if I decide to move forward, we will need you in a big way.

Over the past month I have traveled to over 23 states, and I’ve come away with a very strong impression.

People are worried about the future. That much is clear.

But at the same time, that American spirit of hope and optimism is alive and well, just waiting to be unleashed.

With new leadership and the right values, the American people know things can be better than they are right now – both at home and on the world stage.

I cannot help but be inspired, and I am honored that so many of you believe that I have a larger role to play in shaping that future.

Decision time for me is coming soon, and I thank you for your prayers, your willingness to spread the word about my potential candidacy to your family and friends, and your continued financial support.
Ben Carson
Ben Carson  

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