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IDPA Safety

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International Defensive Pistol Association
To: All IDPA Members
From: Joyce Wilson, Executive Director, IDPA
Date: April 2, 2015
Re: Safety: Our Highest Priority; Rules Q&A Tool; New Area Coordinator Liaison; SO Recertification Information
Many of our members saw a video on social media last week in which a competitor was allowed to shoot much of a stage while another competitor was downrange collecting brass. This video was not filmed at an event in our sport, but it provides for us an opportunity to remind our members, Safety Officers (SOs), Safety Officer Instructors (SOIs) and Match Directors (MDs) that safety is everyone’s responsibility.
Safety, and the process for ensuring the range is clear prior to Load and Make Ready, will continue to be stressed in SO classes, and I encourage Match Directors at all Tiers to remind SOs of their process. Many of our SO Instructors have already expressed an interest in using this video as part of their teaching toolkit, not as an indictment of the match official, shooter or bystander, but as a learning opportunity and a reminder that safety is our highest priority.
Our Safety Officers have a big responsibility in ensuring that shooters will not be in harm’s way while running a stage. It has always been standard protocol that the Chief Safety Officer (CSO), Primary Safety Officer (PSO) or SO be the last person off the stage to ensure that no one is downrange. This event serves as a reminder that complacency is the enemy of safety.

Look for more communication from us in your in-box! We are working to provide a weekly newsletter for our sport called The Tactical Brief. It will contain updates from the industry, any legal or regulatory items that impact us, and a listing of that week’s sanctioned matches. The first issue will appear in May - please let us know how you like it.

In partnership with our friends from RangeLog, the new Rules Question and Answer Tool will be rolled out Monday, April 6th. This tool will be very similar to that used during the member suggestion period. Located on, members can log in with their IDPA number, then fill in or select from drop down menus to ask a question. Questions will be posted and answered each month. If the question is addressed in the current rulebook, members will be directed to look there; if a question has already been asked, a pop-up notice will alert the member to the duplication. Each question will go to a submission queue and be approved for posting so that all members can see the question/answer. Questions that are constructive and professional will be addressed.

In the past several years, Robert Ray has been the HQ liaison with our Area Coordinators and has done a great job. With recent changes at HQ, Robert has taken over several new areas of responsibility that demand more of his time. Effective March 30, Kitty Richards will be the liaison for ACs. My first task for her is to revive the annual review for Area Coordinators, so that we may fill any geographic gaps and make changes if needed. Any changes will be reflected in our weekly IDPA weekly newsletter beginning in May.

As mentioned in an earlier eblast, Safety Officer Recertification will begin in mid-April. Look for an eblast in the next week or two with specific details, links and timelines.
Have a safe and happy Easter!
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