Thursday, April 30, 2015



Dear Larry,

"We're being sued by George Soros' pals.  They want us to turn over the names and addresses of every one of our members and supporters."

Dudley was straight forward with us in our staff meeting.

He told us two groups funded heavily by anti-gun BILLIONAIRE George Soros -- "Campaign Legal Center" and "Democracy 21" -- had just filed lawsuits against NAGR.

The gun-grabbers saw how effective NAGR was at stopping Obama's anti-gun agenda in Congress and EXPOSING anti-gunners at the polls in 2014.

So they want our members and supporters to sit down and shut up heading into the 2016 elections.

The good news is, we're doing everything in our power to protect the privacy and identities of our supporters -- including filing a counter-assault in Federal court.

Will you stand shoulder-to-shoulder with NAGR against this assault by Soros and his anti-gun cronies?

Please sign your NAGR Legal Defense Survey below and let Dudley know you support our efforts to FIGHT BACK.

Larry Killion
NAGR Legal Defense Survey?


Fighting this out in Federal court isn't going to be cheap, especially if it goes all the way to the Supreme Court.

We're still short $74,731 of our goal of $350,000 by our April 30 deadline.

That's why after you sign your Legal Defense Survey, please consider chipping $10 or more today.

Thank you for standing with NAGR in this important fight!

-- Team NAGR

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