Friday, April 17, 2015

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Friday, April 17, 2015

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Top Stories• Abortion Clinic Kicks Woman to the Curb After Abortion, in Massive Pain and Barely Able to Walk
• Woman Kills Her Newborn Baby by Stuffing Toilet Paper Down Her Throat

• Did President Obama Just Accidentally Admit Unborn Babies are Alive in the Womb?
• Man Killed His Pregnant Girlfriend and Her Unborn Twins When She Refused an Abortion

More Pro-Life News
• Watch as This Abortion Advocate Sings a Disturbing Song: “Kill Your Unborn”
• Viral Video: Watch as This Couple Raps Their Pregnancy Announcement
• Mother Who Thought She Was Pregnant is Devastated When Doctors Remove a Baby-Sized Tumor
• Planned Parenthood and Pro-Abortion Groups are Already Pushing Hillary Clinton for President

• New Moms Display Their Post-Baby Bodies to Stop Post-Partum “Fat Shaming”• Students at Christian University Run “Abortion Doula” Project to Facilitate Abortions
• Poll Shows Americans Oppose Assisted Suicide as Bills Legalizing Assisted Suicide Fail

• Lauren Hill Laid to Rest After Showing the World The Pro-Life Response to Terminal Cancer
• Renee Ellmers Faces Pro-Life Primary Opponent After Sabotaging 20-Week Abortion Ban
• South Carolina Committee Passes Bill to Ban Abortions After 20 Weeks, But With One Flaw
• Irish Woman Pleads Not Guilty to Killing Someone in an Assisted Suicide
• “Do it for Denmark:” Nation’s Underpopulation Problem So Bad, Campaign Urges Procreation
• John Hopkins Reverses Decision to Ban Fetal Models From School Fair

• Northern Ireland Justice Minister Pushes Killing Severely Disabled Babies in Abortions

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