Monday, April 27, 2015


Each week we get more people asking to join the Puget Sound Conservative Underground. That's great! We're approaching a wonderful number of members - 1776! Who will be this magical numbered member? Suggest to your "right-minded" friends/family to join.
It's important to note what you're asking to join (as our "Underground" title is scarier than our actual purpose)...
The PSCU has these three basic objectives:
1. Promote Conservative Principles.
2. Provide Conservative Fellowship.
3. Encourage Conservative Action.
Members are asked to share ideas, information, and be encouraged by other conservatives as we try to stay sane in this crazy, liberal area we live in. It's important to get together (virtually and in-person) with other likeminded individuals in the greater-Seattle area to network, rant, and build friendships.

As Ronald Reagan said:
"The future of our country, the direction that we go as a people, whether we move ahead to meet the challenges of the future or slide back into the irresponsible policies of the past, will be determined by those who get involved."
Psalm 13 explains why Conservatives need a group such as the PSCU:
"Walk with the wise and become wise, for a companion of fools suffers harm."
Please note:
a) As the moderator, Dan Michael will remove any postings with foul language or that repeatedly ridicule or berate fellow conservatives.
b) When asking to join the PSCU, if you have a closed Facebook page and it can't be easily assessed that you indeed are a full spectrum Conservative (social conservative/fiscal conservative/strong national defense conservative), please message Dan to provide information to confirm such. We keep membership restricted to Conservatives, as we don't want our group to be "infiltrated" by liberals....or by Ron-Paul-Libertarians or by mushy moderate Republicans smile emoticon
...and we want you to feel comfortable in our group.
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