Thursday, April 30, 2015

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Shift Washington

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A lot happened and didn’t happen this month. The state House Democrats introduced and passed a $39 billion spending package. Then they refused to vote on the $1.5 billion in new taxes they needed to pay for their plan, forcing a taxpayer-funded special session.

The state Senate Republicans urged House Democrats to act on their bi-partisan transportation package before the end of the 2015 legislative session. Unfortunately, they did not.

And, Democrat State Auditor Troy Kelley lost the public’s trust after being indicted on 10-counts of criminal activity by a federal grand jury. Yet, he refused to resign.

Throughout this month, Shift has worked hard to hold Democrats accountable for their actions and inactions. We are committed to working just as hard next month, but we need your help—can you chip in $3?

The special session has already begun, and will be in full swing next month. We need your support to effectively challenge the higher spending and taxes message sure to be trumpeted by Democrats and their far-left supporters.

Will you help us meet our end-of-month goal? We need to raise an additional $2,105 so we can continue our work.
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- The Shift Team
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