Saturday, April 18, 2015

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Texas County’s Experiment Serving Active Duty Servicemen Shows Promise

Too often, the issue of military ballot access in combat theatres across the world goes under the radar. Local election officials can feel hamstrung with regard to budgeting while facing a valid risk that voter mailings may not arrive at their intended destination.

In Bexar County, Texas, home to four military installations, local officials have seen success with their pilot program which allows servicemen in “hostile fire zones” to send ballots via one-time-use secured email addresses. Both Bexar County and the Texas Secretary of State have touted the cost-effective process before the Texas Legislature.
SB 1115 would extend the pilot until 2017 and open the door to new military-heavy counties such as Bell, home to Fort Hood and its 45,000 servicemen.

True the Vote strongly encourages engaged voters to advocate for similar reforms in their states to help military personnel get their voices heard. To read more about this,
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Check Out the April 2015 National Call Replay with Rep. Jim Jordan

The April 2015 National Conference Call covered new ground on the IRS targeting scandal, thanks to the incredible participation of Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio. Callers gained insight into the inner workings of the congressional investigation and what will soon occur as Lois Lerner’s emails are provided to Capitol Hill committees. Want to know what happens next -- now that the Administration refused to indict Lois Lerner? What will happen when the Treasury Department tries to redact newly recovered Lerner emails? Those issues and many more can be heard on the call replay
by clicking here.

Stand Up to the IRS with True the Vote

If you’re tired of reading the headlines about IRS dodging and Lois Lerner’s miraculous email recovery (only after all hope was lost), there is a new way to get involved and make a difference. True the Vote has re-launched its We Will Not Be Silenced initiative to dig for the truth in recovered IRS data. If you have a background in technology or can develop, code or analyze data, we want to hear from you.
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On-Demand Research Training is Now Available

The demand for Research Database training has gone through the roof. Since our live training system caps the number of attendees per session, TTV has created an on-demand option for anyone interested. By either visiting the homepage
or clicking here, you can get started with on-demand training.
The Legislative Working Group’s Drawing Board

Email us
if there is election reform legislation on the move in your state that you’d like to see passed/defeated.

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