Friday, April 10, 2015

TTV update


Larry - 

Well, it’s only April of 2015, but the presidential election cycle is already ramping up. In the coming months we’ll see political parties, SuperPACs, and power brokers spend billions on marketing efforts to build up their candidate and tear down their opponents.  From now until next November, promises will be made and mud will be slung. ’Tis the season.

Here’s my question - who among them is working not just to win votes, but also to protect them?  Whose campaign strategy includes empowering citizens - not just to vote, but also to ensure that all legitimately cast (and only legitimately cast) votes are counted? 

Given what we know to be true about the Department of Justice’s record of suing states over attempts to maintain accurate voter registries; the voter registration impact of the President’s unilateral declaration of amnesty; the fusing of voter registration into every Obamacare application; the Obama Administration’s unrelenting fight against common-sense securities measures like voter ID; and most recently, President Obama’s bombshell embrace of mandatory voting, the facts indicate that our votes will be less secure in 2016 than they have ever been.  

That’s why True the Vote is working nonstop to build a proactive plan of action that will be necessary in the days ahead.  Poll worker training programs, online voter integrity apps, research, and reporting tools are all in the works right now to inspire, inform, and support the millions of Americans who are needed to serve as the eyes and ears of the Republic inside the polls on Election Day.   

Of late (and out of necessity) we’ve spent a lot of public time talking about our ongoing battle against IRS targeting and abuse; but make no mistake, the real work of True the Vote isn’t merely what you see me talking about on Fox News. At True the Vote, behind the scenes is where the real action is!

We know you care about election integrity; your actions have proven it.  To that end, I’m writing to you in the hopes that you will again support True the Vote as we now face some of our biggest challenges to date.

We are gearing up again to expand our training, research, and voter registration programs.  Our goal is to mobilize one million volunteers to help protect voters’ rights.  The political parties won’t do it, the Obama Administration is opposed to it, but True the Vote can and will do it with your help.  

Would you consider helping us by investing in our efforts again? I can assure you that whatever the amount of the donation you entrust to us, we will be good stewards of every dollar.

True the Vote is the only organization working everyday to preserve free and fair elections - and we will continue to be the citizens’ tip of the spear. But to keep up the fight, we need all the support we can muster.

You can make your tax-deductible donation online by clicking here or by mailing it to True the Vote, PO Box 131768 Houston, TX  77219-1768

Thank you, again and as always, for your willingness to take a stand for election integrity and fair policies for all.  Working together, we can True the Vote!

Onward - 

Catherine Engelbrecht

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