Saturday, April 25, 2015

TTV Update

True the Vote

Fighting for Citizenship Checks in Voter Registration

True the Vote joined forces this week to fight for citizenship verification in voter registration before the U.S. Supreme Court. The Public Integrity Legal Foundation, on behalf of the American Civil Rights Union, filed an amicus brief urging SCOTUS take the case Kobach v. EAC to bring about citizenship checks in some states. A central point offered in support of the appeal cites True the Vote research demonstrating how individuals admitted to be noncitizens on their voter registration applications, yet received registered status with the State of Texas all the same. True the Vote Founder Catherine Engelbrecht hailed the effort in a release this week.

“This filing will hopefully prove a testament to just how much can be accomplished when concerned citizens, legal foundations and public officials work toward the goal of improved election integrity,”
True the Vote Founder Catherine Engelbrecht said. “It’s truly satisfying to know that the hard work of regular citizens could potentially inspire citizenship verification in voter registration.”
A Quick Thanks from TTV

Fresh voter roll data continues to come in from all across the country and is making its way into the TTV Research Database. Every now and then, we all need some perspective to understand just how large of a task we’ve undertaken. The raw public data purchased from states alone – not logged IT hours or other expenses related to building a national database – costs roughly $180,000 per year. If you have not heard it lately, THANK YOU for
building the True the Vote Movement with us.

There’s a New Attorney General in Town

The nation has a new Attorney General as U.S. Attorney Loretta Lynch was confirmed on Capitol Hill this week. As you may recall, TTV Founder Catherine Engelbrecht testified before the Senate Committee on the Judiciary earlier this year during confirmation hearings. You can catch video highlights of the testimony
here. With a new AG will come renewed expectations that election laws are applied fully and equitably. Stay tuned to TTV as this issue develops.
On-Demand Research Training is Now Available

The demand for Research Database training has gone through the roof. Since our live training system caps the number of attendees per session, TTV has created an on-demand option for anyone interested. By either visiting the homepage
or clicking here, you can get started with on-demand training.
The Legislative Working Group’s Drawing Board

Email us
if there is election reform legislation on the move in your state that you’d like to see passed/defeated.

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