Wednesday, April 15, 2015


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Survey: Taxation illiteracy high among the average American
While Americans defeated a world power to be free of taxation without representation, a survey shows Americans must now conquer taxation illiteracy. (Read more)
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Did you see these?
Regulatory speed bumps ahead for autonomous vehicles?
Whether the expanding technology of autonomous vehicles grows in the US depends on the regulatory speed bumps the industry has to obey along the way. (Read more)
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'Cadillac tax' could be the straw that breaks the back of Obamacare supporters
Will the "Cadillac tax" within Obamacare be the last straw for supporters of the law, many of whom are union members who stand to be most affected by it? (Read more)
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Haupt's Take: Want a lesson in good government? You cannot serve two masters
By William Haupt | Watchdog Arena "No one (Read more)

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