Tuesday, April 07, 2015

What in the WORLD?


Amnesty Recipients' Relatives Offered Airfare, Money, Green Cards... and even Citizenship!
Obama Importing Illegal Aliens' Relatives at Taxpayer Expense
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In an outrageous new development, the Obama Administration is running a program to bring to the U.S. the Central American relatives of the illegal aliens it has amnestied (or plans to amnesty).
Instead of the minors and near minors facing the dangerous and expensive trip from Central America on their own (like the 60,000 who came in the 2014 border surge), now these persons can be flown in directly courtesy of the American taxpayer.
Last year, Pres. Obama said he would solve the unaccompanied minors crisis. Well, here is his full plan coming to fruition. Recruit the relatives down there and bring 'em up at taxpayer expense.
Illegal alien parents in the U.S. who have received some form of amnesty can now apply to have the children they left behind in Guatemala, Hondurus, and El Salvador receive refugee status, free transportation to the U.S., resettlement assistance, and access to free education and other benefits.
Those who receive refugee status will eventually qualify for permanent residence and citizenship. Those who dont qualify as refugees can still be eligible for parole and a trip to the U.S.
If the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals eventually allows Obama's massive Executive Amnesty of millions of illegal aliens to go forward, their children and spouses from Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador can be amnestied and sponsored for citizenship even though they dont yet reside in the United States. I'd have to call this proactive amnesty. Now, thanks to Obama setting aside the Constitution to re-write and administer immigration laws himself, the government has gotten into the business of RECRUITING AND FINANCING those who would have been illegal immigrants, saving them the trouble and expense of crossing the border themselves.
Details of the program published by the State Department give NO NUMERICAL LIMIT to those who can come. It seems likely to me that a good deal of the total Central American population might eventually find a way to get themselves to the U.S. through this program, fully funded by the taxpayers.
You see, it's not only children and spouses who can come now, but also people who are thought to form a "financial unit" of that family. In other words, cousins, aunts, uncles, friends, practically anyone.
Larry, without your financial help, we can't fight this outrage!
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You think this won't happen? Sorry - it's happening right now. According to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), 97.9% of the 60,000 unaccompanied minors who crossed our southern border last summer were released to family members living in the U.S. In other words, they can melt into the U.S. population and, of course, never fear deportation as long as Obama is president.
Our Capitol Hill staff is working with our allies in Congress to block this. This will be hard, because the Obama Administration jumped over and around Congress to do this in the first place.
We've got the first in a series of faxes and actions you can send to tell Congress and the President, "It's time to take responsibility and stop these runaway, illegal amnesties."
NumbersUSA and our vast citizen army are going to fight this outrage, and we will NEVER STOP UNTIL IT'S REVERSED!
But to do this, we've simply GOT to have your financial support.
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Keep the faith, and don't ever give up!
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Vice President, Operations
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