Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Ballot Box Battle Begins

True the Vote

Dear Larry,
Yesterday, Hillary Clinton’s attorney filed suit against the state of Ohio, alleging that the state’s voting laws have the effect of “burdening, abridging, and/or denying the voting rights” of Ohio citizens.  And so it begins…..
We’re eighteen months away from the presidential election, but the stage is being set right now for a 2016 ballot box battle unlike anything we’ve ever seen. 
I can't sugarcoat this urgent request. True the Vote needs your financial support NOW!

We’re building up our online armory to support citizen engagement at the polls: poll watcher training, our VoteStand election fraud reporting app, and a national voter registry research database of over 170 million records.  It is incredibly expensive to support the programming needed to recruit, train, and mobilize citizens in 187,000 precincts across the country - but it must be done!
In 1993, the very first bill Mrs. Clinton’s husband signed into law was the National Voter Registration Act, also known as Motor Voter. This bill created new rules for voter registration. It removed many of the checks that safeguarded against fraud, while radically expanding registration efforts into social service offices.  Voter registration was built into applications for driver’s licenses, unemployment benefits, welfare, and any other government-run public assistance program. 

Flash forward - President Obama unilaterally decreed that illegal aliens should be given driver’s licenses; because of Motor Voter, amnesty is now producing a burgeoning new voting bloc of noncitizens.
And it  doesn’t stop there  - Obamacare applications included voter registration as a part of the enrollment process.  Community Organizing navigator groups can just dust off their enrollment rosters, because they have all the voter information they need to drive votes where they need them. 
Think the political parties are building up election integrity programs for 2016? Think again.  

In 1982, after a lawsuit was brought by the Democratic National Committee against the Republican National Committee, the RNC entered into a consent decree with the DNC, effectively barring the RNC from engaging in voter fraud prevention unless the RNC first obtained federal court approval.  The decree, known as the New Jersey Consent Decree, effectively ended the RNC's  ballot security program. Although the decree binds only the activities of the national party, state parties were left to develop programs without any national support. So, they have largely chosen to look the other way.  I know.  It
s unbelievable, but sadly, its true.  

That leaves True the Vote and the American people to serve as the eyes and ears of the Republic and prevent the fraud that is headed our way.
We are recruiting citizens, building technology and delivering training right now! We are scrubbing voter rolls to help find illegals’ registrations - in fact, our research was recently cited in a US Supreme Court case! We are fighting back in the courts and against an administration bent on cheating at the polls. We need your help to keep at it!
I try not to send out too many requests for financial support. I get truckloads of requests and I’m sure you do, too.  Many times I find myself wondering whether the organization does any real work other than raising money.  
We do real work - around the clock - in ways seen and unseen.  Right now, we are struggling to keep our heads above water, as presidential candidates siphon billions of dollars from the pockets of donors. 
Supporting candidates is important, but supporting voters’ rights is essential.  If our elections aren’t truly fair, we aren’t truly free.
True the Vote needs your help now more than ever before.   Please stand with us by making a donation right now -  and please consider asking your friends to do the same. 
Thank you, thank you, thank you, for your willingness to take a stand.  Together, we really can true the vote. 

Catherine Engelbrecht
Founder, True the Vote

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