Thursday, May 14, 2015

Brooks Amendment can fix NDAA

Nat'l Defense Authorization Act promotes illegal immigration.
Brooks Amendment can fix Defense bill
...But we urgently need your support!
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Last night, the House Rules Committee sent the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) to the House floor for debate and action. The underlying bill is TERRIBLE because it encourages illegal aliens be accepted into military service. The bill is currently being debated... right now!
If passed in this form, the bill would actually encourage the Secretary of Defense to declare it is vital to America's national security that illegal aliens be recruited for military service. Meanwhile, American citizens are being denied the opportunity to enlist because the military is downsizing.
The illegal aliens' military service would then help them attain U.S. citizenship... which they can use to legalize their extended families. Worse still, the bill's language could help legitimize President Obama's DACA Amnesty.
We can't let this happen.
Fortunately, the Rules Committee last evening voted to allow the full house to vote on an amendment sponsored by Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL). The Brooks amendment, if passed, would FIX the problem with the bill.
So you see, we have an incredible SHOWDOWN in the next few days on the House floor. There is no in between. The House will either pass the Brooks amendment and have an acceptable defense bill, or it will be on record supporting illegal immigration.
We need your help -- right this moment -- to help us make sure this amendment passes.
We've been working on this issue for weeks. Our members have been pouring in faxes and phone calls to Congress. Our Capitol Hill team is all over it. The media has begun covering it.
Just a few minutes ago, Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL), the nation's open borders leader, complained about NumbersUSA's influence on this issue. He chastised supporters of the Brooks amendment for allegedly not knowing about particular provisions in the bill and sarcastically suggested that NumbersUSA must have failed to call them about those.
"I guess NumbersUSA didn't give you a call"
-- Rep. Luis Gutierrez, May 14, 2015
Floor of the US House of Representatives
Naturally, NumbersUSA is GRADING this amendment on our Congressional Immigration Grade Cards.
But we're swimming upstream on this one. We're fighting the House GOP leadership, which is acting as if it WANTS to endorse DACA and other executive actions of Obama.
Are we going to let them get away with this? No! Absolutely not! But we need your help!

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