Friday, May 22, 2015

Free class from FPIW 6-19-15

Greeting Friends, 
It's that time again. The 2015 Legislative Session has ended, well, sort of. 
Today is actually Day 21 of the 2015 1st Special Legislative Session to  
hopefully work out some budget challenges. While there are a couple of 
things FPIW is keeping an eye on during this extended session, the 2015 
Legislative Interim is in full swing for us, and you, and we're looking forward 
to your continued involvement!

Welcome to the FPIW 2015 Interim of Engagement!

Regarding your involvement, we can not thank you enough for the difference 
you made during the 2015 Legislative Session by showing up, making calls, 
writing letters, meeting with legislators and, especially, for praying. Glory to 
God for His mercy and grace because, against all odds, we once again 
made a difference in Olympia! 

However, the saga continues, along with the necessity for us to maintain a 
proactive stance and role in the legislative process. The reality is, most of 
the intense policy work is hammered out and scripted during the 
interim, followed by a theatrical delivery during the legislative session. 

We can pretty much count on the same bad bills resurfacing in 2016, as well 
as the good ones we supported, but weren't able to get through. This is why 
it's so critically important for FPIW to maintain its mission year round.

Our ability to have a lasting influence the culture depends on it. Let's keep 
the momentum going! We need to continue to show up, make calls, write 
letters, meet with legislators, pray, and get trained. 

The interim is the optimal time to get things done because we don't 
have to contend with the urgency and time-constraints of the Session 
calendar. The more relaxed pace allows us to step back a little to effectively 
reassess, regroup, refine, refortify, and revisit our core issues with lawmakers 
when they aren't so pressed for time, themselves. 

We hope you will consider joining with us!
Please continue reading below, as well as in the right column, to learn more 
about the trainings and activities that will be available to you throughout the 
FPIW 2015 Interim of Engagement. Then, prayerfully consider what role 
you will play as we continue to work together as good stewards of the 
national freedoms God has gifted and entrusted to us for His eternal purposes 
and glory.

Thank you again for your faithfulness. 
I hope to see a lot of you during the interim!

Blessings to all,

Danille Turissini
FPIW Grassroots Director

ABOUT: Citizen Stewardship Training

This training is for your if:
  • You're ready to make a meaningful, lasting difference in Washington State.
  • Your biblical worldview sparks a passion for truth and the culture.
  • You want to learn how to equip, inform and edify others in your community 
    and church family, biblically.
  • You want to learn how to effectively navigate your State Government and 
    the people who serve there.
This is NOT a political training.

This training combines key components from three of the Family Policy Institute 
of Washington signature trainings, Olympia 101Olympia 301, and Church Liaison
 all rooted in discipleship and, in the purest sense, "equipping the saints for 
every good work." In other words, everything taught can be applied to any 
spiritual call or gift administered in any arena. 

The intent of the training is to foster a lifestyle of citizen stewardship and Jesus-style 
servant leadership that is motivated for the long term by ones love for God and 
neighbor, and not the dictates of a civic calendar or the cares of this world.

What will participants gain from this FPIW training?
  • Affirmation and encouragement for one's calling and service to Our Lord.
  • Discipleship in how to fruitfully follow Jesus into the public square.
  • Effective tools, information and strategies for good stewardship of the
    national freedoms God has gifted and entrusted to us for His eternal purposes and glory.
  • Connection and fellowship with like-minded believers who share a passion for traditional
    biblical values, the culture, and preserving a heritage of faith for future generations.
This training is offered FREE of charge.

Please make every effort to join us for the inaugural 2015 Legislative Interim

FPIW Citizen Stewardship Training

FRIDAY, JUNE 19, 2015
6:00 PM to 9:00 PM 

Crossroads Neighborhood Church
7555 Old Military Rd, NE, Bremerton, WA 98311
Light refreshments will be provided.

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