Monday, May 18, 2015

Gun Grabbers are at it again...

Protect Our Gun Rights

Help Undo the Damage of I-594!
Friends –

The billionaire gun banners funding the Washington Alliance for Gun Responsibility (WAGR) are at it again!

They are beginning the summer with a MAJOR swanky fundraiser on June 4, 2015 in downtown Seattle! (As if Mike Bloomberg, Nick Hanauer, and the other billionaires supporting taking your rights away didn't have enough cash already).

Of course, they are constantly pushing further into eroding your rights as a law-abiding gun owner.

The Billionaires that run WAGR want to raise MORE money for their so called “Hold Them Accountable Fund," which should actually be called the "Take Your Rights Away Fund."

What can YOU do to counter the billionaire gun banners?

Contribute to Protect Our Gun Rights now to hold legislators accountable for targeting YOUR RIGHTS.

Here are their exact words:

“Universal background checks is about to become law in Oregon – and the gun lobby is furious and lashing out. Within hours of a successful vote in the State Senate, recall petitions were filed against three supporters – an aggressive intimidation campaign orchestrated by the gun lobby. We can’t let this happen here in Washington.  We need to call out the gun lobby and hold the politicians who conspire with them accountable.”

Throughout the campaign on Initiative 594, they promised that if there were problems with the language in 594 that the LEGISLATURE COULD FIX IT.  However, every common sense piece of legislation proposed was fought tooth and nail by the lobbyists for WAGR! Even down to the simplest of measures to clarify the definition of “transfer” for things like firearms safety training.

The bogus definitions of "transfer" that were written into 594 and the lack of an exemption for firearms safety training has caused a wave of firearms training cancellations, INCLUDING LAW ENFORCEMENT MAY HAVE TO HOLD TRAINING IN OREGON! Gunsmiths in Spokane were denied armory training because Glock was concerned that transfers of firearms in the course of their training sessions would violate the provisions of I-594! The Boy Scouts have cancelled firearms training. And the Firearms Safety Training at the Washington Arms Collectors shows were cancelled as well. And of course, museum exhibits have been a target of 594 as well.

WE NEED OUR OWN “Hold Them Accountable” fund to support the legislators who introduced bills that would have repealed 594 or re-written provisions so that law abiding citizens are no longer a target! Click here to contribute and make that happen!

For now, we are living under a law that is so bad, even some Federally Licensed Firearms dealers are not providing background checks for private sales BECAUSE THEY HAVE NO GUIDANCE FROM The Department of Licensing!

We’ve worked hard in the Legislature this session to keep the extremists at WAGR and their billionaire donors from moving forward with their radical agenda. Not to mention, there are other bad gun laws in Olympia that need to be fixed or repealed entirely.

While the legislative session mostly ended in a stalemate, it should be considered a WIN since the anti-gun activists had such deep pockets on their side.


Click here to contribute now. Your donation today can help us support those legislators who supported law-abiding gun owners and fight the gun control extremists who want to strip you of your Second Amendment rights!

The attacks have begun. Help us counter those attacks TODAY!

In Freedom,

The Protect Our Gun Rights Team

PS:  Please forward this email to your friends. We need to alert everyone about what's going on, and the movement to take our rights away.


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