Wednesday, May 20, 2015

True the Vote Research

Fellow Researchers:

We often say this, and it is so are part of an important movement to ensure the integrity of our elections. Thanks for your commitment to this cause and for being one of the first to dive into cleaning up our voter rolls. This database is still the first of its kind, and while the bugs identified to this point have been challenging, it is common to have issues when you launch new software. We believe we have worked through the major issues and are ready to tackle the job at hand...voter registry research.

We mentioned fixes would be uploaded last week. While some were, we have others that needed additional development and took longer than expected. These are being tested and will be uploaded later this week. I'm listing several of the changes and updates below, all resulting from your notifications to our Support Help Desk.
  • Time out period extended for the app
  • SAVE button has been modified to save work on the Appraisal District and Voter Registration tabs
  • Drop-down boxes for Challenge Reasons have been updated
  • Appraisal District tab fields will be blank; will auto-populate if the mailing address is the same as physical address
  • Addresses with extended zip codes and 5 digit zip codes should now show all registered voters
  • CHALLENGE button will now be used to challenge both a residence and individuals
  • Completion tab now used to complete records without a challenge
  • Data issues resolved including '786 voters registered at an address,' 'no records available to research,' and 'VR#s listed without names.'
  • And many more updates and adjustments made throughout to buttons and functionality so that it is easier to understand and use
Once all of the above changes are implemented this week, we will begin updating, recording, and posting new training videos. Upon completion, we will send out a communication to all Researchers with a link to new training materials.

To avoid frustration with the Research Database being offline periodically while remaining updates occur, you may want to hold on research just a few days longer. We thank you for your patience and your commitment. Together we really can true the vote.

Cristy & the TTV Support Team

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