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Martial LAW coming

 Editor's note: Readers who are in a hurry but want to donate to the film may just quick-click here and do what you can: http://www.midnightride.us/donate/  Thank You! You can read the full article later at our website, linked below. There you'll find more passages from Dr. Vieira and links to his books at Amazon dot com, as well as links to James' other Constitutional documentary films.

Second Editor's note: This email is based on an article which is published in full at the Oath Keepers national website. In that article I have included some passages from a book by Edwin Vieira, so I would like to invite each reader here to click the following link, scroll that article, and enjoy some truly uplifting Constitutional brilliance, such as this quotation from Dr. Vieira's book, "Three Rights" --

"...if The PEOPLE enjoy a right to form their own nation in the first place, they certainly possess a right to renew its vitality from time to time as the need arises."


Some Sneak Previews With An Update!
With deep gratitude for all who have given your dollars to fund the making of the powerful documentary film, MIDNIGHT RIDE, James Jaeger has been busily piecing together segments for 2015's definitive movie about Martial Law. James just sent me his latest update, so let me begin with some excerpts from that --

Dear MIDNIGHT RIDE Associate,

You haven't heard from me in about 30 days because we are done with the interviews and extremely busy with post production.

In all we will have 14 head-liner interviews in MIDNIGHT RIDE...
We are now cutting the best of these interviews into the narration to derive the first "rough cut" of the show.
But here's the first part of the BIG news: we are thrilled to announce that Hollywood producer, RICHARD B. IOTT, has come aboard the production as senior producer.  Mr. Iott's company, BRAEBURN ENTERTAINMENT, LTD. and MATRIX ENTERTAINMENT worked together with OATH KEEPERS to bring you MOLON LABE, and now this powerful team is bringing you MIDNIGHT
The second part of the BIG news is BRIAN G. ROCKEY has ALSO come aboard the production as Producer.  We are so honored and thrilled to have Mr. Rockey on board in this capacity for he has been one of our most loyal and generous producing partners on not only this production, but the past 5 productions.  Brian has not only believed in these Consitutional films, but believed in them early

-End excerpts from James Jaeger's recent update--
But James would like to share a few clips from the movie. Up first is the first draft of the Main Titles for the film --


Rogue Politicians? Martial Law? Here in America?
You betcha!
The alarming announcement by our own military that they need to do exercises involving Psychological Operations in Civic Affairs right here on U.S. soil should chill our bones to the marrow. JADE HELM 2015 appears as a massive Psy-Op and is obviously a conditioning ploy at best, with abiding sinister possibilities at worst. 
Being announced as an "Unconventional Warfare" exercise, Jade Helm 15 strikes many people as a portentous government plan, a pre-fabricated and pre-constructed umbrella under which a black op by the Deep State's compartmentalized agencies could possibly "Go Live" in a fantastic sort of Shock and Awe False Flag psycho-coup to jar the public mind of America through fear into acceptance of some nefarious policy the government desires, such as  the setting aside of our Constitution under Martial Law. From the movie, Stewart Rhodes shares some facts for our consideration - 

To conquer "the human domain" the public mind must be conditioned first. That is what is behind the Special Operation Command's Jade Helm 15. Jade Helm 15 would "Master The Human Domain", plain and simple. They even advertise that intent in their logo--

The announcement of Jade Helm 15 flat out states that Jade Helm is an Unconventional Warfare training exercise. That means Psy-Ops, pure and simple. That means that your and my minds are now targets and our beloved government is seeking to alter our perceptions. JADE HELM 2015 is a surface-level manifestation of MindWar, Unconventional Warfare, Special Operations, Irregular Warfare, Psy-Ops, and other aspects of government's intent to control the free American people psychologically. It is undebatable; it is self-evident; it is clearly apparent.
So what can we do about it? Well, let's have a bit of old-fashioned Yankee-styled fun with it, eh? Just as Paul Revere made his famous ride on April 18, 1775, to warn the Colonists that "The British Are Coming", Oath Keepers is saddling up with James Jaeger and Matrix Entertainment to produce the movie of the year, which will warn the American people that --

Why a lot of people are going to help us spread the word is because this movie shall prove to be the definitive "midnight ride" for our day. Just as the government is intently violating everyone's minds through its bought-and-paid-for Psy-Op channels, we Oath Keepers shall have fun doing all we can to spread the word. James has packed the film with very fine experts to carry the script with authority. Here is an excerpt from MIDNIGHT RIDE by someone we all know and love:

I think Dr. Paul is looking quite spiffy in this movie, don't you? And I love his way with words. But to me, equally impressive are some great moments in the film by Constitutional Attorney Edwin Vieira himself. Here is a classic example of Dr. Vieira's genius:

Dr. Vieira's recent book, "By Tyranny Out Of Necessity: The Bastardy of Martial Law", inspired James Jaeger to produce this film. The documentary will feature Ron Paul, G. Edward Griffin, Stewart Rhodes, Sheriff Mack, Chuck Baldwin, Larry Pratt, and others.
The movie is entitled "MIDNIGHT RIDE", and will speak about the threat of Martial Law and reveal solutions available to the American people. Not only that, MIDNIGHT RIDE will also showcase our "Ten Orders We Will Not Obey" as well as other aspects of the Oath Keepers mission. It will put Oath Keepers permanently on the record as standing in opposition to "Martial Law", so we are honored and grateful to be a major part of this movie.

James is busily doing his magic in his studio now, and all goes well. So that is where we're at presently, but we do need almost twenty thousand more dollars to finish the film. You have helped us raise over seventy thousand dollars thus far, so we're more than two/thirds through our fundraising drive. It is important to note that the sooner the money is raised, the sooner this film will come out. I'd personally love to see the movie debut before JADE HELM 15 terminates in September 2015. Please help me generate the money by contributing what you can. If you want your name in the end credits for the trailer, we'll be happy to include it. If you want to donate anonymously, that is fine too.

To donate online: 


To donate by mail: 

If you would prefer to donate by mail, please make a check out to "Matrix Entertainment Corp." and send to: Matrix Entertainment
223 W. Lancaster Avenue
Devon, PA 19333. 

I would like to shout out a huge THANK YOU! to everyone who has contributed to this very timely movie.  You are all awesome!  James is getting it all put together now, because of your generosity and support.   
Elias Alias, editor 

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