Monday, June 15, 2015

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Monday, June 15, 2015

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Top Stories
• Shark Attack Survivor Bethany Hamilton Gives Birth to Baby Boy: One Arm Won’t Slow Her Down
• Baby Was Born Alive After an Abortion at 24 Weeks, Nurse Left Him on the Table Struggling to Breathe

• Supreme Court Prevents Women in North Carolina From Seeing Ultrasound Before Abortion
• Pro-Life Florida Governor Jeb Bush Announces Run for Republican Presidential Nomination

More Pro-Life News
• Abortions on Babies With Down Syndrome Up 34% After New Prenatal Blood Test Released
• Company Uses Child With Down Syndrome to Promote Test That Could Lead to Aborting Them
• Stepfather Rapes His 13-Year-Old Daughter, Her Mother Forces Her Into Having an Abortion
• Judge Rules Girlfriend Can Keep Her Frozen Embryos, Ex-Boyfriend Wanted to Destroy Her Children

• Pro-Life Laws are Helping Drop Abortions to Record Lows, Not Contraception and Birth Control• Woman Behind Roe v. Wade Worked in Abortion Clinic, Now She’s Dedicated to Stopping Abortion
• Euthanasia Doc Kills Woman Because She Was Depressed, Even Though She Didn’t Have Cancer

• Mom is Now Paralyzed From the Waist Down Because She Sacrificed Her Life for Her Kids
• World Elder Abuse Awareness Day Calls for End of Neglecting and Mistreating the Elderly
• Kermit Gosnell Movie Producers to Publish Book About “America’s Biggest Serial Killer”
• Florida: ACLU Challenges New Pro-Life Law Requiring 24-Hour Abortion Waiting Period

• Maine Senate Defeats Bill to Legalize Assisted Suicide
• Ireland: Did Hospital Violate Law to Certify Abortion of an Unborn Baby?

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