Tuesday, June 30, 2015

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Jay Inslee just struck out. He struck out on his state capital gains income tax. He struck out on his a cap-and-tax scheme. And, he even struck out on his fuel mandate.

Shift has worked hard to shine the light on Inslee’s agenda. We exposed the negative consequences that Inslee’s priorities would have on Washington’s working families, because we knew the truth would eventually force him to give up. And, it worked.

Shift is committed to continuing our efforts. But, we need your help. Will you consider contributing to our cause today?

The state budget will not include Inslee’s capital gains income tax or his cap-and-tax scheme. But, that’s not all. Inslee could not prevent the inclusion of the consumer protection provision in the transportation package. That means he won’t be able to jam through his fuel mandate by executive order without serious side effects.

Shift has been dedicated to ensuring responsibility and accountability won out by exposing Inslee’s agenda and shining the light on its consequences. Due to our relentless efforts, we can now declare victory for this time around.

Our work is only possible because of our faithful supporters. Consider helping us by donating to our cause today.

Unfortunately, the far-left is also relentless. You can bet that Democrats and their far-left supporters are already planning and organizing news ways to accomplish their priorities. That’s why our work here at Shift is so important.

Shift is ready and willing to meet the challenge presented. We are dedicated to shining the light and exposing the truth. You can count on us to make a difference and shift the debate in Olympia because we’ve proved we’re up to the mission. Can we count on your support?

Please help us continue our work by making a contribution of $3 or more. Help us meet our month-end goal and allow us to continue pushing forward toward our goal of shifting the debate in Olympia.

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