Tuesday, June 30, 2015

TLBC 2Q2015 Report

The Lord’s Baptist Church
11102 Yakima Avenue South
Tacoma, WA. 98444
Pastor Larry J. Killion Phone: 253-537-0129 Email: ljkillion@juno.com
April, May & June 2015

It is time for the 2nd quarterly Report for 2015. Pastor completed a series on “Revival”, “Judging James” and is now preaching a series on “Judging Job.”  Audio sermons are available on Sermon.net/tacwash. Brother Jim Turner finished a study on “The End Times” in our Sunday school hour and is now teaching on “The Bride.”   

First Friday of the Month Fellowship, was a blessing as usual.  In April, Elder Jim Turner preached on “The Forsaken Son of God.” In May, Elder Jim Tweet preached on “He’s Alive” and in June, Elder Larry Killion preached on “Modern Revivals.”  There is also a place on the front page of our website with LINKS to the audio clips of all these FFF services.  

Our Tract Ministry recorded 180 tracts handed out this quarter by Pastor. Others are also passing out tracts but they do not record it.  Our supply of tracts is starting to run low and Elder Wilbert Ellis and the congregation in Florence, Ky are going to send us some more “ammunition.”  Speaking of ammunition, Pastor and Sister Marion have a monthly Range Day that is a great stress reliever.  Pastor did his own taxes this year and so far, no repercussions. The last few years have been terrible on that subject.  Good reports from our annual Doctor check up. We are looking forward to the Bible Conference in Naples, Idaho over the July 4th weekend.  

We had a wonderful visit from Brother Lloyd Linklater.  He is one of our out of State members.  He has been diagnosed with stage four cancer and was told he has six months to live.  We are praying for him.  God has blessed him with a peace in this trial.  He is now under hospice care.  Brother Jim Turner also had a bout with the big C.  Surgery removed it from his face and they did some plastic surgery afterwards.  The good news is they got it all and he is recovering nicely. 

Three visitors are regulars in attendance.  Two of our College students are home for the summer and one is working a job at Western Washington University in Bellingham.  It is great to have Blaine and Jacob back in the services.  Congratulations to Laura and Abby Russell on earning their BA degrees.  We pray constantly for the Lord to save souls, add the saved to the church, heal the sick and keep us faithful in His service.  We pray also for our nation and for our military personnel. Pastor is active with the Tacoma 912 Patriots, True the Vote, and is about to have a final CERT drill and graduate as a Community Emergency Response Team member.   

We support the mission work in Seattle to the Latino community in South Park where Elder Ted Tweet is laboring and the work in Mabini, Mindanao where Elder Dan Baldemor is laboring, and the work in Romania where Elder Raul  Enyedi labors.  Although we are limited in what we can give financially, we pray earnestly and with out ceasing for brethren laboring on the mission fields of Oklahoma, Mexico, Australia, India, Africa and Thailand.  Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem and for repentance in the United States of America.  AMEN. 

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