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Guarding against the creeps

July 22, 2015
Christian Ministries:
How to Protect Them from Lawsuits 
Are you a pastor or ministry leader?  Are you unwilling to compromise your beliefs about
marriage, gender, and sexuality but concerned about the legal liabilities that might result?
If that's you, we want to help.  
The Supreme Court's recent decision to redefine marriage for the entire country has
many pastors and ministries leaders worried about how this will impact their ministry. 
And for good reason.  During arguments before the Supreme Court, U.S.
Solicitor General said that maintaining tax exempt status is "going to be an issue"
for non-profits that hold to the natural and historical understanding of marriage.
While there is risk in a changing world, there are also steps you can take to protect
the ministry you care about from lawsuits. 

Alliance Defending Freedom published a small booklet titled Protecting Your Ministry
From Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity Lawsuits
with the sole purpose of
equipping pastors, ministry leaders and Christian school faculty with the necessary tools
to better protect their churches, ministries, or schools.

Topics include:
  • Statement of Faith
  • Religious Employment Criteria
  • Formal Membership Policy
  • Marriage Policy
  • Facility Use Policies
  • Religious Mission Statement
  • Code of Christian Conduct
  • And Much More

The Family Policy Institute of Washington (FPIW) is taking this booklet one step further. FPIW
is setting up meetings all over Washington State to help pastors and ministry leaders better
protect their ministry from future sexual orientation and gender identity lawsuits. These
meetings will be based on ADF's Protecting Your Ministry booklet, but will also discuss
how to be more proactive in the legislative process in Washington State.

These meetings are free! All we ask is that you let us know if you are planning on
attending (register here).

Several meetings are scheduled, but more dates and times will be announced in the
following cities in the near future.   If you are interested in hosting a Protect Your
 meeting in your community, let us know.  We'd love to work with you!

Even if you can't attend, please send this to a pastor or ministry leader you know
would benefit.

Please prayfully consider attending or hosting
Protect Your Ministry meeting.
Confirmed Dates & Locations
Locations will be provided upon registering.


Thursday, 8/20
10am - 12pm
Thursday, 9/10
10am - 12pm

Thursday, 10/1
12pm - 1:30pm

Tuesday, 9/15
7pm - 9pm

Monday, 9/28
6:30pm - 8:30pm

Future Dates & Locations
*pending confirmation of dates & times
If you would like to host in one of these areas, please contact us.

Poulsbo *
Yakima *
Port Townsend*
BellinghamMount VernonRenton

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The Family Policy Institute of Washington is a non-profit, non-partisan organization dedicated to promoting public policy that recognizes the significance and sanctity of the family in Washington State.

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