Friday, July 17, 2015

Guess who else is talking to the IRS

True the Vote
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Dear Larry,

Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. That adage has been ringing in my mind ever since last week, when 
I read the WSJ article that exposed collusion between Lois Lerner and yet another government official as they traded notes on how best to target TTV in 2012. 
This time the government official was Kevin Kennedy from the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board (GAB), the agency responsible for overseeing elections there. You see, Mr. Kennedy didn't like it when True the Vote launched Verify the Recall to verify petition signatures collected by unions determined to recall Gov. Scott Walker.  Just over 500,000 signatures were needed to trigger a recall election, so the unions said they would turn in over a million signatures. Abruptly, the GAB announced that was too many signatures to verify, so they would accept all signatures from those stating they lived in Wisconsin. And, no further checks would be done. 
Immediately, we realized the Wisconsin scenario would have nationwide repercussions, and the massive overcompensation was intentionally orchestrated to send a message of mob rule to break the back of election processes and win by default.
To prevent similar signature tsunamis across the country, True the Vote built online software to accurately and securely transcribe all the reported recall signatures. Our goal to engage citizens in a comprehensive audit of the petition signatures inspired more than 17,000 citizens to sign on, forming an “all-volunteer data entry team.”  In 32 days, citizens transcribed over 8,000,000 records and TTV made the files available online, enabling anyone who wanted to import and analyze the data.  In the process, we learned: 
  • 20,000 felons signed the petition -- including 11 murderers, 203 rapists, 53 child pornographers, and 3,207 thieves.
  • 29 Wisconsin judges signed the recall petition -- including one judge who later placed a restraining order on a voter-ID law passed by Walker and the legislature.
  • NBC affiliate WTMJ issued a public apology that several of its news staff and editors had signed the Walker recall petition.
  • 25 Gannett News journalists signed the petition, some in violation of the company’s code of ethical conduct. Gannett also apologized.
We submitted an exhaustive report to the GAB that highlighted many questionable signatures.  But under Mr. Kennedy’s leadership, they chose not to use our findings. Nonetheless, the people of Wisconsin had been energized and Gov. Walker went on to survive a recall election.
Verify the Recall proved to be a remarkably powerful way to engage citizens to demand good government -- which may be why Mr. Kennedy worked overtime (literally) with Ms. Lerner to try to stop us. We proved the grassroots of America can accomplish amazing things when we work together!
Americans understand there will be negative consequences if government fails to effectively oversee our elections.  Sadly, that’s where we’re headed.  Too often, our elected officials look the other way as fraud permeates the process.  The problem is not going away. It’s getting worse.
TTV is now a little older and wiser. We already know that we will find ourselves the target of the anti-voters’ rights collective in 2016. They will continue to advance noncitizen voting, attack voter ID, and try to initiate automated voter registration.  Undoubtedly, various state election officials will attempt to work with the IRS to silence the voice of the people.

They need chaos. That's why we need you.

We've just launched an exciting new project called TrueThis -- an innovative online system that will generate game-changing outcomes through “scientific activism.”  Tactics such as:  flooding voter registration offices with ineligible voters, filling recall petitions with thousands of fake names, and generating seas of irrelevant documents will only grow more frequent and intense -- unless a counterforce can stop the growing momentum. Our solution is TrueThis!
Please help True the Vote move forward with the TrueThis project.  TrueThis will kick-start a whole new way to expose the truth, but we need your support to fund it.  Because, you see, working together we can do amazing things!
Onward -

Catherine Engelbrecht
Founder, True the Vote

PS:  Using a bare-bones version of TrueThis, we’ve already found suggestive patterns in Hillary Clinton’s recently released emails.  Think what we could do with all of the IRS emails!  Now we just need your help to do it.  Please donate if you can -- and then forward this to a friend and ask them to do the same.

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