Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Join in the STAND for LIFE

I’d like to ask you to join me by adding your name to an important petition.

This week, I was sickened to see the secretly taped video of a senior Planned Parenthood official discussing the sale of aborted baby parts. In fact, I was more than sickened. I was enraged.

There is absolutely no reason why Congress should be funding Planned Parenthood with taxpayer dollars, and I believe it should stop immediately.

Please add your name to my petition calling on Congress to act now.
I've spent my whole adult life caring for children and I cannot stand by and watch such barbarism.

I believe deeply, as it is written in the Declaration of Independence, that we are all endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable rights.

First and foremost among these unalienable rights is life, and we created a government in order to protect it -- not fund its destruction.

If I am blessed enough to win the Republican nomination and serve as your President, I will do everything in my power to advance a culture of life.

So I ask you to stand with me now, and sign my petition calling on Congress to do the same, and immediately stop funding the barbaric practices of Planned Parenthood.

Thank you for your support and participation.


Ben Carson

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