Tuesday, July 28, 2015


The USCCA will have your back when no one else will...
Dear responsibly armed American,
First off, let me start by saying 
the Liberal Media doesn't want you to know this...
There's people out there who don't want 
you to know you have options....
They want you to think that if you own or carry a gun 
for self-defense you won't be protected 
when everything's said and done...
They want to scare you into either never buying a firearm, or 
keeping the one you have locked up tight in a dusty safe...
They want you to think that you're alone in your fight...
Well here at the USCCA, we think that's not only 
ludicrous, but also a VERY dangerous way to live...
Because you and I both know the only person who is truly 
going to be the first line of defense for your loved ones, is you.
Well please believe me when I say, you're not alone.
In fact, we'll be there for you every step of the way...
We'll give you the education and training you 
need to become your family's BEST protector...
You'll receive your own personal case manager you can call 
at any time, 24/7/365, if you're involved in a self-defense shooting...
And most importantly, we'll provide you with up to $1,100,000 in Self-Defense 
SHIELD protection
- the legal and financial back-up plan you need 
to stay out of jail and out of debt when one of these naysayers 
tries to tell you that you did something wrong - simply 
for protecting the ones you love...
Join forces today with over 85,000 responsibly armed Americans who 
already trust the USCCA to have their back when no else  
will and activate your membership today.
Take care and stay safe,
Tim Schmidt
President | USCCA
P. S. - If you've been thinking about becoming a USCCA member, you don't 
want to wait much longer...because only those who activate before 
July 31st
will receive 10 chances to win $5,000

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