Saturday, August 15, 2015

CP62 class picnic 2015

Marion and her coffee.

CP62 class picnic.

Here we go.  It has been a great summer.  The weather has been unusually and unbelievably hot this year.  Today was our annual Clover Park Class of ’62 picnic at American Lake Park.  It turned out to be a very nice day with temperatures in the high 60’s and low 70’s.  The breeze off the lake in the shade was cool.  Marion had to put on a jacket.  Then again, she had the heat on at the house before we left for the picnic.  We set everything up at the first picnic table past the shelter around 10AM and John Halvorsen showed up shortly after that.  I believe I said this last year but I think John is one of the nicest guys in our entire class. 

As it turns out, nobody else was apparently able to find us, but the three of us had a wonderful time listening to music, munching on goodies, and talking about everything from movies, music, languages, travel, family, careers, and we even had some nice things to say about “some” of you fellow classmates. J  I know some of you would have been here if you only did not live so cotton picking far away. Thank you to all of you that sent a note to let us know you could not be here.  Sorry I forgot to take my camera.  Here is one shot from Marion’s smart-phone.

We started wrapping up the party a little before 2PM.  Maybe it is time to put a moratorium on the picnic until around 2017. (55 years after 1962)  One classmate suggested that it is not really worth the money to travel to Tacoma for a 4hr picnic and that is a reasonable and logical deduction.  Paul Olson had several good suggestions for a three-day or at least two-day event with several venues. We have people among us that are most excellent at event planning and project management and we trust that they will come out of the woodwork when the time is right.  In the mean time, life goes on for all of us… well; some are departing as the years roll by.  When you get right down to it, life is pretty darn good.  Enjoy it while you can my friends.  God bless you and maybe we will see you again someday.  Farewell. 

My Saturdays have been booked solid it seems like for several weeks.  I did some street preaching at the T-Dome on 7-18, attended my baby sister’s wedding on 7-25, did flag waving on Freedom Bridge for the troops and attended a family picnic at a local park on 8-1, attended a happy birthday Taco Truck feed in Seattle at my rich nephew’s home on 8-8, and of course, today we had the CP62 class picnic at American Lake Park.  Next Saturday, Lord willing, I will be shooting in a local International Defensive Pistol Match and then the following two Saturdays, Marion and I will be at our Condo on Kauai

Must study, pray and meditate for a little while now - in preparation for the worship services tomorrow morning at TLBC.

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