Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Media? Get it wrong?

NumbersUSA Action Alert 
Roy Beck

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The first day of media coverage of Donald Trump's new stand against birthright citizenship has mostly included misinformation and faulty analysis.
Here are the big facts that need to emerge to clear up the confusion that many in the media (especially on TV) are sowing:
No. 1: Anchors, not enticements, are main problem of birthright citizenship
The big problem of birthright citizenship is that the babies who are born to illegal aliens (who already are settled in the U.S.) become anchors who keep their illegally present parents from leaving the U.S. and going back home. Pres. Obama proved this in 2014 with his DAPA executive action that offered work permits and legal residency to millions of illegal aliens because they had children who are U.S. citizens based on birthright citizenship.
No. 2: Not clearly in the Constitution
It is totally unacceptable journalistic practice for reporters to state without attribution that the Constitution requires giving citizenship to the births of tourists, foreign students, temporary foreign workers and illegal aliens.
We at NumbersUSA believe the evidence is strongest as presented by experts who believe Congress can pass a simple law to end birthright citizenship -- just as governments of many countries have done in recent years. This is an issue that deserves a clear and modern ruling.
No. 3: Trump not first candidate arguing against birthright citizenship
You can look at our 2016 Presidential Grade Card to see that Trump is following these other presidential candidates in opposing birthright citizenship.
And when asked about Trump's new position on birthright citizenship, SCOTT WALKER said he also opposes it.
You can view the full 2016 Presidential Grade Card at:
No. 4: Eliminating birthright citizenship would not fill the nation with millions of people "without a country" -- unless we intend to continue to promote mass illegal immigration
Reporters like to cite reports from immigration expansionists that project millions of "limbo" residents in the first decades after ending birthright citizenship. But these studies are based on illegal immigration continuing to be allowed by our government.
I've never heard of any elected official or major organization who has suggested taking away U.S. citizenship from the people in this country who already were given it as anchor babies. That is another false alarm I've seen in some media reports.
It is disconcerting to see the alarmism of so many in the media about the fact that birthright citizenship is being brought up for a policy discussion. Let's get rid of the misinformation and straw men arguments and have a calm discussion about what we need as a country.

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