Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Muslim Death Threat

  Tuesday,  August 11, 2015
The Muslim Death Threat
A good number of "Christians' cannot suspend their disbelief to see Islam as it is--a political system using religion to advance its evil causes.
The history of Islam from its beginning is one of violence, slave mongering and the threat of death or dismemberment as a control over those unfortunate enough to fall beneath its rule.
There is no other major religion on earth today that deals systematically in human trafficking, drugs, death and destruction other than Islam.
 It is not a religion of peace, nor is it of the same God, YHVH, of the Jews and Christians.
This violent and unrelenting political force is incompatible with any form of representative democracy or peaceful religion, and it is attempting to takeover America.

Last week, several questioned the veracity of the account of the young Muslim boy giving the "cut your throat" sign to a man at a store near the Pentagon.
 Around the world, Muslims are training their children to hate Christians and Jews.
I have seen the training materials first hand, and have witnessed video of the classrooms. It is happening. Just this week several Muslims have been arrested in the US for aiding and abetting the Islamic State (IS). They were college-aged converts and/or sons and daughters of Muslims who moved here from war-torn areas of the Middle East. Islam is using social media to educate and recruit people to their cause. Others are being raised up militant in mosques in the US.

For example, federal prosecutors charged 20 year old Nader Saadeh of New Jersey on terror-related counts and of trying to help organize a "small army" of fighters in New York and New Jersey to join the IS during the past two years.
The FBI says he and his brother were part of an IS cell. Sources say that his mother pleaded with him not to join the IS. In another case, two former Mississippi State University students, Muhammed Oda Dakhalla, of Starkville, and Jaelyn De'Shaun Young, of Vicksburg, were charged with attempting to join IS. They allegedly had a plan to get married in Turkey, and cross over into Syria. Saadeh also planned to connect with an IS contact in Turkey and move on to Syria.

There is a pattern and a network working here in America.
Evangelist Franklin Graham in April suggested halting "all immigration of Muslims from countries that have active terrorist cells."
That would mean essentially halting all Muslim immigration.
Yet this administration is stepping up immigration from the most active IS areas. While not all Muslims are terrorists, it's a sure bet that the overwhelming majority of terrorists are Muslim.
And if a Muslim is a good Muslim-  -that is, believes the Koran-  -that person could become radicalized with the turn of a page and the reading of a Koranic scripture.
This is a threat to all that is good.
As Jesus said in Matthew 24:4, "Take heed that no man deceive you."
The Muslim death threat is real.
Have a Blessed and Powerful Day!
Bill Wilson

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