Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Home from California

Well, Here I am home again from the trip to California. It was a good trip. The church in Granite Bay put me up in the Orchid Suites Motel and shuttled me back and forth to the services and all the food and fellowship was wonderful. Elder Mike Prater is doing a fine job as the new Pastor there. Due to a late cancelation by the first scheduled speaker Mike moved me from last to first (can you think of a scripture for that?) and I started off the Bible Conference with a message on "The Glory of God." It was well received. After the Conference at Landmark, Elder Fred Roberts asked me to preach for them over at Cordova Missionary Baptist Church in the Evening service at Sacramento. I still had the outline in my Bible from when I preached "Bricks In The Wall" here in Tacoma. So I brought that message at Cordova and they seemed to be blessed by it too. Again, outlines for these sermons are on the front page of TLBC website. Click Here

Things went well here at home while I was gone and I'm thankful for brothers Turner and Russell who held the fort and covered for me while I was gone. I am looking forward to prayer meeting tonight. My flock is very small compared to a lot of other churches but they are special to me. Pray for us as we press on by God's grace here in Tacoma.

Yours in the old landmarks by sovereign grace,

Larry J. Killion

PS: I found another source for free goodies if you are interested in that kind of thing. Here is the LINK for that. Click Here

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