Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Trip to Michigan and KY.

The trip to Michigan and Kentucky went well. I had a very uplifiting time at the Bible Conference with Home Baptist Church in Mt. Morris, Michigan. Their hospitality always is an amazement to me.

After the Conference I traveled with Kenneth and Nathon Long down to Sellersburg, Indiana and Louisville, Kentucky. I preached in the AM and PM services at the Providence Baptist Church.

It was a blessing to be with the Long family again. They were our Missionaries to Vladivostoc Siberia Russia for a while back in the mid ninties. They have a nice piece of property out in the country and plenty of room for all the animals. Sister Sharon is a real animal lover. They have two creeks that run through their 9 acres. One evening we hiked up the hill to the source of one of the creeks. It was a small lake on their neighbors property.

We did a little fishing. Nathan did the best of us. He caught this catfish, some bass and some crappies. Nathan is Pastor of Grace Missionary Baptist Church in Hazard, Kentucky. Remember the Dukes of hazard? :)
Anyway, they have a TV program called "Seeking the Truth" that reaches Eastern Kentucky and Nathan interviewed me for the program about the up and coming Missionary trip to Ukraine and will air it soon. It was quite an experience and opportunity. These pictures were taken with my cell phone.

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Thomas said...

hello tacwash I also attended the bible conference at home baptist church. My name is Thomas Krause I attend br. mark clark jr.'s mission in cadillac michigan out of faith baptist mission in traverse city. I agree that conference was very uplifting to me also. I have a blog started also you should check out some of the things that we/I plan on doing. well I would like to keep in touch with some of the true pastors around the internet and get to know them better. I will be keeping up with your blog.