Friday, May 02, 2008

Pray for TLBC

We made four new Radio programs for the Beacon of Truth broadcast here in Tacoma on Sunday Mornings. We'll be giving away free copies of "The Trail of Blood" this month as our theme for the month is church history. Last Lord's Day I preached on "PS Go Away" and the outline is on our TLBC website. click here There is also a moving clip on the history of our national anthem right below the schedule of our services on the same page. We added another audio sermon to our Click and Listen page and encourage you to check that page out. click here

Last Saturday was a fun day as we celebrated our grandson AJ's birthday and this Saturday we will party again for our granddaughter Kiersten's birthday. Things are starting to get back to normal after my trip back East. Pray for our services here in Tacoma that God would save the lost and add the saved to the church. It was good to see the Turners back from their trip to Idaho Wednesday night at our prayer meeting services. Our numbers are small and we pray that God would bring more folks out to hear the true preaching of His word in our services. Worldly religious outfits around town are growing but we cannot compromise on God's word. Pray for us that we would remain true even if none others come and go with us in the way of truth.

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Larry Killion
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