Sunday, May 03, 2009


We had a great First Friday Fellowship on the 1st of May and good services today at TLBC. I preached Friday night on "The Truth Is not Free" and the outline is shown below. I preached this morning on "The Faith of Moses and Compliance". The outline for this sermon is on the front page of our church website. click here

The Truth Is Not Free

Proverbs 23:17-23

Our text for this message is verse 23. Ponder for a few moments the fact that the TRUTH is not free. Now, don’t worry. We are not going to pass the plate - but pay attention because if you really want to know the truth, you need to realize that it definitely will cost you something. We believe and teach that salvation is by the free grace of God. In other words, if you would be saved today you need only receive the free gift of salvation by God’s grace through repenting of your sins and trusting Christ as your Savior by faith. Salvation is free but the truth is not. The Bible tells us that the truth is something that can be bought and sold. Let us look for a few moments at some ways that the truth will cost us something if we would know it, live it and stand in it. I pray that God would enable me to preach the truth in sincerity and in love and that He might grant to you the grace you need to buy it.

1. Study Time. 2Tim. 2:15, Jn. 5:39, Acts 17:11.
A. More in the Word - less in the world.
2. Prayer Time. Prov. 2:1-6, 1Cor. 2:12-14.
A. More with God – less with others.
3. Service Time. Lk 9:23, 57-62.
A. More church than anything. Help everywhere you can. Not just on Sunday morning only - but daily.
1. It takes individual effort: Spiritual growth, personal work, & private devotion.
2. It takes ecclesiastical effort: Printing, Radio, Tapes and Videos, Transportation, Music, Teaching, Visiting, Tract Ministry, Missions, grounds and building maintenance, etc.
1. We usually don’t say too much about this but it is a Biblical fact.
2. Someone must pay for the Bibles, Tracts, Tapes & Videos, Utilities, Bible Study literature, office supplies, postage, Missionary travel expenses, Rent and etc.
3. If you are only a receiver and not a giver, then you do not have the truth no matter how much you may think you know. 2Cor. 9:6-7.

CONCLUSION: Please do not confuse what has been said here about the truth, with Gods free gift of salvation. If your are lost and you know it and you want to be saved more than anything else in the world, I have good news for you. Your salvation has been bought and paid for already by the Son of God Himself! Look by faith to the Lamb of God right now and trust Him for your souls salvation. He can save you and He will save you when you trust Him alone for salvation.
But, if you think you can always be a church freeloader, may God put you on notice right now that true Christian service will cost you something. The Christian Crowns of Service are not freebies. They come after faithful service according to the word of God. The Crown of Life will cost you your life. Rev. 2:10. Yes, Salvation is free. Praise God for that! But the truth is NOT free. I urge you now to BUY the truth and SELL it not. AMEN. 10-86, 4-87, 5-09.

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