Monday, June 15, 2009

Health Care Reform

The primary story in the latest Newsletter from Senator Patty Murray has to do with Health Care Reform. She said: "Last Friday, I spoke at a rally in Pratt Park in Seattle to discuss moving forward with health care reform in Congress that will help ensure that all Americans have access to quality and affordable coverage. I told the crowd that health care should be a right for all Americans and not a privilege for some. "
I wrote to the Senator with the hope that she would READ my note and at least consider the subject from a different angle for a moment before she speaks again.
Dear Senator Murray,
Thank you for another newsletter. It is appreciated. I continue to mistrust my government. I pray for those in office at this time and am earnestly and constantly asking the sovereign God of all creation to change their hearts and minds. I fear that as we speak there are closed door meetings being held to ram so-called immigration reform through that is nothing more than amnesty for illegals. This will be a very big problem for the issue of the so-called health care reform agenda.

Naturally, people want quality affordable insurance for their health care. But can I offer a suggestion? Please be careful about promoting the "Entitlement" idea that all inhabitants of our land deserve what might turn out to be more government ran programs, especially in the area of health. Do not promote a system that is going to roll out a universal package that is guaranteed to all inhabitants of the land regardless of their citizenship or legal status or what they have or have not paid into the health insurance "Kitty".

I fear that what a lot of folks think they have a "right" to is free health care at the expense of those honest taxpayers that are busy earning their way in society. Can you see that THAT is in reality unfair? Some are earning the health care protection they pay for. That is a "right" not a "privilege". But to promote a welfare health care system that will give to some a privilege to free care that is not their right to have is not good government. Sometimes I think you might have your rights and privileges mixed up. Can you understand my point here?
Larry J. Killion, Pastor
Tacoma, Wa.

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