Wednesday, June 17, 2009

More Health Care Reform talk

My OTHER Senator's newsletter came too and here is my response:

Dear Senator Cantwell,

Thank you for the update. It is appreciated. Common sense is a good thing. I'm certain that most people will agree that it is a good approach to almost any problem. It is not clear to me which Washington is following which but either way we are all leaning more and more to the left lately and one of the things that I am concerned about regarding health care reform is the immigration connection.

Any day now we will receive notice that another Executive Order has been signed and this time it will be on Immigration Reform. It will come as the result of a lot of negotiations in closed back room meetings. Judging from the way the deck is stacked and who is in these secret meetings, the Immigration Reform agreement will be nothing less than amnesty for the illegal aliens in our country. Senator, when that happens it will be a terrible blow to common sense efforts to improve our health care system.

I hear a lot of talk about health care reform but what is usually meant by that is "we need universal health care." In my humble opinion, promoting universal health care is not using common sense. Let me explain briefly if I may. People are being conditioned to think that we are all entitled to the same health care. Naturally we all want good quality health care insurance coverage. That is a no brainer. Thank you for working to keep health care costs down but it does COST - right? Right. So, PLEASE don't roll out some health care reform thing that is going to guarantee universal coverage to all inhabitants of the land regardless of their citizenship, legal status, or what they have or have not paid into the system. Many hard working citizens are earning their right to good health care insurance but at the same time there are many that will demand the privilege of free health care that is not free but is paid for by hard working citizens that are earning their way in our society. What we do not need is a health care system that is nothing but another welfare program.

Larry J. Killion, Pastor
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