Thursday, October 17, 2013

Don't let the CREEPS do it again

Per the story yesterday on Washington Wire this California billionaire has poured $400,000 into the smear campaign against Jan Angel, with more coming.

It appears that this environmental extremist, allied closely with Gov. Jay Inslee, is planning on providing the Seattle groups attacking Jan with the money they need to try steal this election and with it the state of Washington.

We can’t let that happen! 

My belief is that these extremists bent on invading our state and legislative district are counting on something that I don’t expect to happen – that the voters of the 26th District can be bought.  With enough money, they believe their slanderous attacks will prevail.

If we don’t stand firm, and make sure that Jan’s campaign keeps on message and gets the critical ads placed and voter mail out, they could be right.
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Ballots are arriving today and Jan’s campaign is firing on all cylinders:
-       Scores of volunteers have begun gathering from around the area and across the state, making calls and knocking on doors throughout the District.
-       The thousands of identified Angel voters will be contacted starting this weekend, right up through election day, as we work to make sure that every supporter returns their ballot.
-       Ads are on TV, and the targeted mail messages will be arriving in the days ahead and will continue until November 5th.
-       Jan is making calls, doorbelling, attending events and fundraisers across the District.
Now it’s up to us.  If we can support this campaign with the funds necessary to make sure our message gets out, we can turn back the defamatory attacks by these extremists from Seattle and California who expect to buy this election.  If we don’t take our stand now, today, the future could be bleak for Republican candidates in the years ahead.

With your additional support, we can finish this job and elect Jan Angel to the Majority Coalition in the State Senate.

Please, link to and make your contribution today – for $25, $50, $100, $250 or whatever you are able to give.  Every contribution is vital in the days ahead.

We’re almost there, this race will be decided over the next few weeks – by you and others who can provide the resources we need to claim victory in November.  In just the next few weeks, the final TV spots will need to be purchased, print advertising placed and the campaign mailers printed and mailed.  If you can help today, we can finish the job Jan started when she announced her candidacy last year.

Thank you for all you’ve done to help Jan, and for what you can do today.


Steve Sego
Finance Chairman, Jan Angel for State Senate

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