Tuesday, April 08, 2014


The Face of EVIL is on Notice!

Dear Friends of Life,

Meet Abortionist Martin Haskell - the inventor of the despicable "Partial-Birth Abortion." Yes, the man who first committed Partial-Birth Abortion - then trained others to do the same!

Quite frankly, it is almost too ghoulish for me to even talk about. He LAUGHED out loud as he talked to the 911 operator. Haskell called 911 for an ambulance to pick up another botched abortion patient and as the woman lay suffering uncontrollable seizures (perhaps she died - we don't know if she is still alive), Haskell had the gall to LAUGH over the phone. It sends chills up and down my spine when I listen to the 911 recording. The devil laughs at pain and suffering!!

We have documented one botched abortion after another at his clinics, and we have proof that he is killing babies and mangling women! HE COULD BE THE FOREMOST LATE-TERM ABORTIONIST IN THE USA!

But it gets worse... This murderer is beyond description! He is best known for literally INVENTING the grizzly (and now 100% illegal) partial-birth abortion. He is the epitome of evil incarnate. BUT--- Are you ready for this.....

With your help, we could have the LAST laugh!

We have exposed his dirty deeds! We have pressured the state authorities! And, now, a judge has ordered Haskell to CLOSE his abortion mill for good.

At this very moment, Mr. Haskell CONTINUES his murderous onslaught in direct disobedience of an Ohio law requiring abortion clinics to maintain transfer agreements with local hospitals for cases of medical emergencies.....thanks to an order of another corrupt judge.

This ABORTIONIST still operates (MURDERS)...illegally!!YES, the judicial system has literally "turned a blind eye" to justice. You see, after the Ohio Department of Health found Haskell's lack of compliance to endanger the lives and health of the public, they ordered his clinic to CLOSE. But the order was "stayed" by a court injunction!

The abortion cartel has infiltrated the judicial system!! Babies continue to be murdered.No telling how many more times he has laughed!!


After careful research, Operation Rescue has uncovered that abortionists (like Haskell) who lack hospital privileges and transfer agreements simply cannot ensure the safety of the women who so often suffer life-threatening abortion complications!

If Martin Haskell is OUT OF BUSINESS, they cannot keep inflicting injuries on women, in addition to murdering innocent babies! 

Operation Rescue must continue to PUSH the authorities to do their job!! We've come against him and the governmental agencies that continue to protect him. Now, once and for all, it is time for us, together, to make the final stand against this baby killer.

His abortion mill in Sharonville, Ohio was ordered CLOSED in January. But Mr. Haskell continues to KILL---DAILY!

With your financial assistance, (and the Grace of God) I believe we can finally shut him down! Will you help get another murderer off the streets and to shut down Haskell's abortion mill?

The killing clinics must be CLOSED, peacefully and legallyWith your help, this cold-blooded Murderer will be SHUT DOWN before he kills again!

Mr. Haskell's appeals, variances, and now his "judicial loopholes," have seemingly come to an end! Operation Rescue must move in for the closure...to make certain that the state, health and justice departments shut him down once and for all.

Our legal experts will go after the medical board to ensure they do what they already said they would...and what the Ohio Department of Health has already ruled. This takes money that our very small staff simply does not have at this time. That's why I turn to you, because I know you not only care, but you want this murderer put out of business. Period.

A recent report shows that most well-meaning organizations, like ours, have suffered financially since the fall season due to the economy and the inclement weather. That's why your gift is so extra-important. We are in the final stretch of putting this killer out of business. I need you right nowYour contribution will make a distinct difference.Click here to donate.  Or follow this link to give through PayPal.

For the Babies...and their mothers,

Troy Newman

P.S. Babies, and perhaps a mother, will die today or tomorrow at the hands of late-term abortionist Martin Haskell. Your donation will help FINALLY SHUT DOWN this despicable killer. Every gift truly counts. However, the abortion cartel knows their backs are against the wall now, and they are going to come out swinging against Operation Rescue - even against me personally. Please pray for our safety.

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