Thursday, April 10, 2014

Elite Republicans are wrong

Do Republican elitists really want to throw out 75% of party members?
Jeb Bush told Fox News this week that immigrating illegally into the United States is
"an act of love" and Americans shouldn't get so upset about it.
It gets worse. Shaun Kenney, the brand new executive director of the Republican Party
of Virginia, insisted that "conservatives have a moral duty to drive out" Republicans
who want illegal aliens to go home. Such people he called them, "clowns" and
In other words, it sounds like he and other elites wanting to legalize illegal
aliens would like to throw a lot of patriots out of  the Republican Party
unless YOU stop them.
 NumbersUSA knows how to pile pressure on politicians
like no other group. But it takes money to do what we do. Can you help with a gift today?
Aren't you tired of being called names just because you oppose so-called "comprehensive immigration reform?" Aren't you sick of President Obama and establishment Republicans working hand-in-hand to oppose the will of the American public?
Fortunately, Not everyone in the Republican Party agrees with folks like Obama, Bush
and Kenney. Rep. Raul Labrador (R-ID) pushed back against Jeb Bush immediately,
saying this:
"What's ironic about this whole thing, is that many of these people that are trying to get into the United States, they're leaving their nations because their own nations have no respect for the rule of law. And what people like Jeb Bush and others are saying is that we also will have no respect for the rule of law, and then we will be turned into the nations that these people are leaving."
Labrador and you are hardly alone among Republicans. GOP giants Sen. Jeff Sessions
and Rep. Lamar Smith, among many others, stand up for immigration security and
enforcement at every opportunity. Plus, the great mass of GOP voters are on our side.
A recent Pulse Opinion Research poll found that, by as much as 75%, Republicans believe we
should have policies (like mandatory E-Verify) that encourage illegal aliens to go home.
75% is a lot of Republicans to throw out!
We've stopped these pro-illegal immigration Republicans in the past, and we can do it again. Let's back them off. But we need your financial help today to do that.

Jim Robb
Vice President, Operations
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