Monday, April 28, 2014

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Monday, April 28, 2014
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• Judge Censors Black Pro-Lifer Who Criticized NAACP's Pro-Abortion, Denies His Free Speech
• Woman Who Wanted Abortion to Star on TV Show Rejects Abortion After Feeling Her Baby Kick

 Google Bans Ads From Pregnancy Centers After Lobbying From “Pro-Choice” NARAL• MSNBC Panel Calls Pro-Life Republicans “White Supremacists”

More Pro-Life News
• She Rejected Abortion After Rape, Then The Rapist Sought Custody of Her Daughter
• Mother Killed Her Newborn Baby Because He Looked Too Much Like Her Ex-Boyfriend

• Wife of Pro-Life Advocate Who Felt His Baby Kick Just Before He Was Murdered Gives Birth
• Doc Who Killed Woman in 33-Week Abortion Botches Seven Abortions in Two Years
• Woman Who Killed Her Babies and Packed Them in Boxes Charged With Six Murder Counts
• Pro-Choice Group Says Torn, Bloody Babies are “Safe” and “Better” For Women

• He Was Pro-Choice on Abortion Until His Daughter Was Born Prematurely

• A Man With Alzheimer’s Gets His Speech Back When Playing With A Dog
• College Students Celebrate Abortion With Coat Hanger Display
• Ex-Abortion Clinic Worker: We Gave Women Anesthesia and Had No Idea What We Were Doing

• Gosnell Movie Beats Spike Lee’s Crowdfunding Record, But Mainstream Media Yawns
• Activist: Lives of Insects Matter More Than People Because There are More of Them

• Battle Continues Over Law That Could Close Mississippi’s Last Abortion Clinic

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