Friday, July 18, 2014


The Lord’s Baptist Church
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Pray for revival. Sermon outlines and AUDIO links for the latest lessons are on our website. We invite you to our Face Book Page. Pastor completed the study of Song of Solomon in our afternoon services. More sermons are available on Brother Jim Turner is using EG Cook’s Book “Let’s Study Revelation” in our Sunday School Bible Study.  Visitors come and go. Elder David O’Neal, from Grace Missionary Baptist Church in Tulsa Oklahoma preached some good sermons in our 34th  anniversary services in January.  Audio clips for all these sermons are also on the front page of our church website. 
First Friday of the Month Fellowship is always a blessing. We are now saving a link to the FFF audio on the front page of our Church website.  In January, we opened the “AP” Box and counted 132 specific answers to prayer in 2013.  In February, Brother Ted Tweet preached “Why Good Moral Men Go to Hell.”  In March, Brother Jim Hunt brought a lesson on “Born unto Trouble.”  
Our Tract a Day Club recorded 330 tracts handed out this quarter by Pastor. No record of any others involved in this effort. We long for the salvation of souls and for those that have dropped out, to get right with the Lord and His congregation.
Brother Skip had another stay in Good Samaritan Hospital this quarter but is home now and doing better.  Sister Marion had to have some more physical therapy for her hip replacement which helped.  Brother Turner has been battling a high red cell blood count but the last report seems to have it under control now.  Sister Maxine has her ups and downs but is faithful to be in services. The rest of us are pressing on with the usual colds that come and go.  
Thank you again for praying for Missions.  Elder Robert Ellis is doing work directly under the authority of this congregation. Brother Ellis, in Ireland, is doing a good work.  We hope some time this year, we can arrange to hold an organization meeting for a true New Testament congregation there in Cork County Ireland. We received word from the Philippines in January that our beloved Missionary, Elder Cresencio Baldemor went home to be with the Lord.  News like this is bitter/sweet.  Bitter because we will miss him and sweet because we know he is with the Lord and we will join him soon at the feet of Jesus.  Brother Cresencio’s health was failing and his preaching point in Mabini has been taken over by our daughter church in Maco.  Elder Dan Baldemor, Cresencio’s son, holds services in Mabini every Lord’s Day afternoon when the morning services are done in Maco.  Dan has established a bank account for receiving love offerings to help in this work.  We are sending the funds that we sent to brother Baldemor’s ministry to this new account.  They need help to buy some property for their meeting place in Mabini and have found a lot that will cost about $3500.  We continue to support the work in Romania where Elder Raul and Brothers Aurel are doing an outstanding job of reaching many souls with the truth.  We are now helping with the mission work in Seattle to the Latino community in South Park where Ted Tweet is laboring.  Although we are limited in what we can give financially, we pray earnestly and with out ceasing for brethren laboring on the mission fields of Oklahoma, Kentucky, West Virginia, Mexico, Peru, Brazil, Australia, and Thailand.  Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem and for repentance in the USA.  AMEN. 

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