Friday, July 18, 2014


The Lord’s Baptist Church
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July August September 2013
We wish attendance in the 3rd quarter of 2013 were better than it was.  Pray for us. Sermon outlines and AUDIO links for the latest lessons are on our website. Visit our Face Book Page too. Pastor continues the study of Christ & Prayer in our afternoon services. More access to audio sermons is available on Brother Jim Turner has been reading from the book Mabel Clement in our Sunday School Bible Study. Pastor passed out about 140 gospel tracts this quarter and some of the members passed some out too but did not log in on the clipboard, so we cannot report their numbers.
The Bible Conference over the 4th of July week end in Naples, Idaho was outstanding.  Almost all of us were able to go this year.  We put a sign on our meetinghouse door that said, "Gone Fishing for men in Idaho".  The devil tried to discourage us with car trouble before the Conference but it all worked out.  The Turners actually had to rent a car to drive to Idaho. 
Bible Believers Baptist Church members were very gracious hosts and went out of their way to make us all feel comfortable.  We enjoyed the target practice in the woods and the wonderful fireworks display on the 4th in Bonners Ferry.  We have the conference preaching and music captured on DVD for any interested in that. 
The best news we have this quarter is two professions of faith.  Jacob Russell and Blaine Conzatti both came forward in July asking for biblical immersion.  One Lord's Day afternoon, we adjourned to Lake Bradley and had a baptismal serve there and have now welcomed Jacob and Blaine into the membership of TLBC here in Tacoma. 
Brother Skip “escaped” from Good Samaritan Hospital.  Please keep Skip and Teresa in your prayers.  Sister Maxine took a couple of falls again.  We continue to pray for our grown up children and our grandchildren.  Pastor has started sending his grandchildren little notes to encourage Bible study.  Remember others who no longer want to be in our services faithfully anymore.  We pray for the adult children of other preacher brethren all across the land that learned to attend worship services all their lives but have now dropped out and show little interest in hearing the truth for which their parents stand.  

Our First Friday of the Month Fellowship is always a blessing. We are now saving a link to the FFF audio clips on our church website.  In July, the FFF was held in conjunction with the Idaho meeting. In August, Elder Paul Sandelin preached on "Stablish you in every good word and work."  In September, Pastor Killion preached on "The Eyes of the LORD."  Thank you again for praying for our two Missionaries sent out directly under the authority of this congregation: Bob Ellis, in Ireland, and Cresencio Baldemor, in the Philippines.  Sister Baldemor passed away this month. Please pray for both of our Missionaries and especially the Baldemor family in their loss.  Jesus is coming soon.  Even so, COME LORD JESUS!  Amen. 

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